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my husband and i recently set up to meet with someone at lgi homess. my experience was great, everyone was nice. i didnt have to give any money up front and the company is helping to repair my credit. we're excited. hopefully my experience continues to be a nice one..unlike everyone on here im happy! once our scores are a little higher we're going to get things rolling. i agree that these homes are a little over priced but i believe those things... Read more

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My LGI Home is located in the Oak Hollow subdivision in Anna, Texas. I have had so much aggravation with this company that my only recourse is a law suit. I know there are many of you out there who have had issues with their LGI Home as well. Is anyone interested in a Class Action Lawsuit? If not I am suing on my own.

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I also went to LGI in Fairburn Georgia about 5 weeks ago with all my financial data. They of course will not talk to you until they run your credit report. My fico scores were very good and the salesman named Matt said he could not help me because I made too much money. I was baffled when he said the zero down and zero closing costs were for veterans. There was no disclaimer on the info so I left. Now on 7/3/16 Matt calls and said they now... Read more

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I am glad we didn’t read the reviews before buying our home because we probably would still be living in an apartment. Our experience has been awesome, everyone was polite and caring. This is our second home and comparing the two purchases the LGI process was a breeze, even my neighbors say it was easy and they were well taken care of. Jason Grace our salesman kept us informed and would send us photos of our home as it was being built and we... Read more

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I had a wonderful experience with LGI homes. We just purchased a home here in Charlotte and have had nothing but success with this company. Our credit wasn't excellent but it wasn't bad and they were able to help us get into a home. They helped us through the entire process and were completely professional the entire time. We love our brand-new home and never thought we would be able to afford something like this! Charlottes rental rates are... Read more

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LGI homes are some of the worst shotty workmanship i have ever seen. I had an A/C issue where the upstairs bedroom was hotter then the rest of the house. We had the project manager come and take a look at both the thermostat and the digital thermostat in our room. He didnt really seem to care and told us that he would have to call the a/c people and have them come out, they came out six times within a month and told us that they would have to... Read more

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There were a few small issues, no big deal at first. Working thru one person who schedules the contractors to come out resulted in a lot of no-shows and time off work to meet them. Not sure who's to blame. I did check up on one no-show, they had nothing scheduled for my home. Pointing the finger of shame here. Then it got warmer outside, into the 108's ... MY A/C could only provide 83 degrees indoors, it ran all day! Come to find out there... Read more

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Buying a lgi is like buying a time share, before they show you anything they want all your info. I was told the prices start at x so I asked for a price sheet so I could see what price was would for what sq ft home to get an idea, I was told it would matter because the prices were going up by 3000 on monday then I would come with the price sheet and complain that it was wrong. I guess lgi's prices depend on who is buying or whatever they feel... Read more

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We had an 11am appointment. Waited an hr & 1/2 to get some other agent named Steven. He was nice while he showed the house, but became rude when we wanted to talk it over first. Then he had to nerve to tell us we wasted 3hrs of his time if we were looking for a lower price. If I didn't have my 5 year old with us, I would've cursed his a** out. I don't know who trained him but he would have more success if he wasn't rude. First time we've left an... Read more

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I never wrote a review before but after what happened to us, I could not resist. We just bought and closed on our first home. We were living in a apartment like most people I imagine. They walked us through the whole process and help our hands the whole time. I even had a little bump on my credit a few years ago and they were understanding about it. I love my new home and the craftsmanship is great. We are paying less than we rented for in... Read more

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