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I couldn't even see a house they wanted to pre-approve us first, run our credit on a house we don't even know if we wanted!! It was a hassle and not easy at all. Went back again to give another chance and still didn't see a home!!! It's like let me see if I even like it enough to live in it?!! Add comment

I wished I would of stayed away but I thought I give them a chance. I've recently bought an LGI home in Charlotte in May of 2015. My front yard and back yard looks like ***. All they left me with is a yard filled with no top soil but instead clay soil and said grass should grow. Called and complained, all they said is "your yard is already graded". *** ***. My mailbox has been replaced already 3... Read more

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Let's see were do I start for about 6 months I went through *** trying to buy a home from these people let me sumitup with some short words of poor customer service lying Rude . OK so after going in and talking to the sales person and being told all the good stuff I was quickly will wood into putting down the $500 earnest money After doing so I signed some form of pre-agreement with them and... Read more

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We had a TERRIBLE experience with LGI! We will be buying our first home soon, and of course it makes sense to visit many various builders to learn more about them, view the models if possible, and get some information to take home. We have done this with many other builders like Lennar, Beazer, and DR Horton and all were happy to talk to us and give us information to take home and review. From... Read more

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I bought an LGI home and the yard was not done right at the beginning because the needed the certificate to close on the house. They had some worthless guy come out and redo it and it was just as bad. The third thine they came out and did it was right befire we had a drought. Grass never grew and now they dont want to take care of it. I didnt pay 200,000 for a home so i could spend another... Read more

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My husband and I just bought a beautiful LGI home in Denton, but the customer service has been far from exemplary. Poor communication from our sales rep, outright lied to us about several issues, always sugar-coated everything, offered things that were never honored...I would never recommend this business to buy from or deal with. Add comment

I bought a brand new LGI home in Canyon Crossing in 2010 and have had numerous work orders to repair constant cracking in walls around windows. They would come out and caulk, supposedly sent out a "soil engineer" which I never saw but the cracks still come. They usually sent out someone who could not even speak English to do half-assed repairs. This happened at least once a year for 5 years.... Read more

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My new wife and I have been living in an apartment while pondering where we wanted to live as a couple. When we saw the flyer from LGI for the Maple Park development in Gainesville, GA, we decided to check them out. Neither of us are first-time home buyers, so we didn't fit the mold of LGI's target customer. Our credit is excellent, or income is above average, and we could commit to a significant... Read more

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Bad customer service, they sell you a home with many deffects and dont fix it, once your in a home they forget anything and everything about you ...its horrible Read more

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Lgi Homes - Never do business with this company
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First of all, I really hated the mass scheduling of potential homeowners where you seated with a sales person who discusses your credit and financial information right out in the open. With my situation I explained to the rep that I was in ch 13 for the last 3 years (coming out of it shortly) he said that this would not be an issue as long as my trustee approved and most importantly my credit... Read more

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