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My husband and I are new home buyers. Before I begin, please note that we did not do the necessary homework prior to our experience with LGI and have since familiarized ourselves more with the home buying process. The best advice we can give anyone associating themselves with buying from LGI is to not let the home buying experience blind you by LGI's deceptive ways. We searched floorplans online and really liked what the Wichita floorplan (in... Read more

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When my wife and I bought our LGI home..we were given a tax rate that we would be paying. I thought it was a reasonable rate. But 4 months later we just got a notice that our tax rate was too low,,We'll have to pay another $200 a month on taxes. LGI will do anything to sell you a home..even embellish the tax rates. BOY....THAT *** ME OFF. what a bunch of *** ..Buying this LGI home and living in the LGI community has been the worst mistake Ive... Read more

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My fiancé and I came into LGI March of 2016 to look at homes and see what we could afford. We are first time home owners, so we weren't sure if our credit was good enough or what the deal was. We were approved and went to go look at the homes. I know a lot of people say that the ad is misleading...its taxes and things of that nature are obviously going to make your home more expensive, its not just the home you are paying for,... Read more

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I had my house inspected prior to purchase by a licensed Home inspector. My inspector found many code violations. LGI fixed some of them then threatened to cancel my contract if I did not close. I went ahead and closed on the house. This house is in Texas and IRC 2012 has been made a part of Texas Law. I have tried filing a complaint with the BBB and have no results. LGI wants me to sue to get them to comply with the law. I want my code... Read more

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I've lived in Sunrise Meadows for 3 years now and have not had any issues with the neighbors or too many cars in my section. However, they do have frequent power outages for no reason at all. I was told by a friend of mine who works for CenterPoint Energy that, LGI uses the cheapest of products, including paying for the cheapest transformers which causes the frequent power outage. In the three years I've been there, There has been at least 3... Read more

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While dealing with Larry from LGI Homes in La Marque, Texas, iur experience has not been pleasant. First of all our check in the amount of 1000.00 was forwarded on for processing before we were even approved. His take, the loan was approved, even though it was not, and never was. It took an entire month for us to be declined, but thats the fault if imortgage. We ssked to be kept informed, we had to continually call and try to get an update. The... Read more

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Went to plant stuff in the backyard. Found hard ground just 1.5" under the dirt. Broke a small home thru what I believe is caliche. Under that I found construction debris! Also other people in the subdivision have found the same... Not suitable for planting. They don't tell you this when you are there or at the walk thru. Just that the irrigation system is in place for when you plant your trees and shrubs. You cant plant anything in this... Read more

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I would sincerly not recommned LGI homes. Not only did they neglect to tell me there is a sewer access manhole barried six inches underneath the middle of my fenced in yard that the city is still attempting to claim as an easement and cut my yard in half; but they did not record the correct streat name on their land plot or my loan and title paperwork.

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Bought a home in Baytown. Told me schools were great f rating. Stay away from that company they lie. What builder expects you to pull credit and never look at a house until they can give you the p and I payment without taxes. There dvertising is a joke. They are a bunch of used car salesman. Mike snider needs to go back to michagan and stay out of the great state of texas. I can't stand that man he is. Joke. I looked up on yahoo finance and the... Read more

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We read through all the reviews before we decided to pay them a visit. The beauty of reading them is you get to see what to expect before you get to LGI.. Our experience was a good one, we were prepared to have our credit checked before we saw an actual home, and did not feel any pressure regarding whether we would commit that day or not....we were asked only once about the Earnest Money...We actually felt better equipped to continue on with... Read more

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