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We had a 10 year warranty. Been in the house only 1 year. The construction was so bad, our foundation, corner of house chipped. The 10 year home warranty is a scam, as the warranty did not cover foundation corner chipping. DO NOT BUY THESE HOMES, HORRIBLE CONSTRUCTION AND THE WARRANTY THEY DO NOT HONOR. Also, one of our windows is now cracked. Not sure how this happened, but think it was a issue with the foundation. They honor nothing.... Read more

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I noticed my A/C was not cooling as well as it used to during the last two months of my warranty. I decided to request a claim to have LGI send out a A/C technician to check things out before my 1 year warranty was up. The technician checked out my unit and replaced my thermostat. After that, the A/C unit cooled okay but not great. 6 months after that, my 1 year warranty is up and I have to dish out $1,200 to fix my A/C. I have had two companies... Read more

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We had been approved for a new home and it was in process of getting ready to be built and the changed the plan and took several things out and changed the home that was to be built was not the same house we agreed to buy the put cheaper things in the home and if we had not looked at the same model being built we would not have known about it. We backed out of the sale .

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Jenny has to bethe rudest sales person ever. I drove all the way from N. Arlington to Crowley to see new homes. First she wants to do is know all my business and wsnted to pull my credit. I ask if i could at least some houses before doing an appt? She was like sure,of course. Then walka to the hallway hanes me one of her business cards, then told me go ahead and look! So I ask how was i suppose to know ehich model is which? Jenny's reply was I... Read more

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I called to get more info about the flyer i recieved in the mail. The guy puts me hold, after i asked for ext.234, comes back on the phone, thanks for holding its the same guy, and when i mention this, oh i was trying to see who was available. I asked about program, oh its several ways to be approved you have to make appointment to come in.. Nothing on the website nor flyer, states any of this very misleading... Read more

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There's a few things I didn't like about my experience with this company. For starters, pricing per floorplan is not listed on their website, due to the fact that their prices fluctuate on the DAILY BASIS (reminds me of the the stock market). Their homes are overpriced for the cheap finished product they're offering and the amenities are bare minimum. (Ex: Their smallest floorplan is 1360 sq.ft. at $195K). Furthermore, LGI doesn't allow you the... Read more

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I admit, I only started looking at all of the comments regarding LGI on this web site after we had started our closing paper work and I’ve got to say that I’m glad I did not look before we had because all of the bad reviews might have made me avoid LGI. But I’ve got to say that most 10 months later, both my wife and I feel we’ve been blessed. I can reference all the other homeowners in my location where as LGI was the third contractor to... Read more

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My husband and I are new home buyers. Before I begin, please note that we did not do the necessary homework prior to our experience with LGI and have since familiarized ourselves more with the home buying process. The best advice we can give anyone associating themselves with buying from LGI is to not let the home buying experience blind you by LGI's deceptive ways. We searched floorplans online and really liked what the Wichita floorplan (in... Read more

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When my wife and I bought our LGI home..we were given a tax rate that we would be paying. I thought it was a reasonable rate. But 4 months later we just got a notice that our tax rate was too low,,We'll have to pay another $200 a month on taxes. LGI will do anything to sell you a home..even embellish the tax rates. BOY....THAT *** ME OFF. what a bunch of *** ..Buying this LGI home and living in the LGI community has been the worst mistake Ive... Read more

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My fiancé and I came into LGI March of 2016 to look at homes and see what we could afford. We are first time home owners, so we weren't sure if our credit was good enough or what the deal was. We were approved and went to go look at the homes. I know a lot of people say that the ad is misleading...its taxes and things of that nature are obviously going to make your home more expensive, its not just the home you are paying for,... Read more

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