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We were stationed at the Buckley Air Force Base, where we retired. We discovered LGI Homes from a friends FB post.

Now we are in a contract on a home in Elizabeth CO in the Spring Valley Ranch (SVR) community. We would love to be a part of your success story testimonials, but we are currently under the impression that our family is not welcomed in the LGI Homes at the SVR community. The manager at the SVR location convinced us to sell the home we currently own. We were previously apprehensive about the process of selling our old home because we recently updated the house to rent the house.

The SVR manager gain our trust by informing us we would have ample time to sell the old house so we can close on our SVR home as long as we put the old house on the market within 30 days of giving him our earnest money to purchase our new home at SVR. However, the timeline we were given prior to giving our earnest money to SVR has changed twice in less than 30 days of giving SVR our earnest money. However, we have already called the military to move our family into our new home with SVR, after we placed our home on the market, and sent the SVR manager evidence of our secured loan. Yet, the manager with SVR called our lender and attempted to dissuade him to provide us with the loan.

Our lender was confused and upset about the way he was spoken to by the manager at SVR. The manager with SVR stated he is only following LGI Homes protocol, but he failed to provide us evidence that he is not arbitrarily altering the rules to dissuade us from following through with purchasing our new home. We do not want to live somewhere we are clearly not welcome, but we do believe this problem should be addressed right away. The manager with SVR has stated he will put our house back on the market 7/9/18, which contradicts the agreement we have.

The SVR manager said he would put on paper that we have to close by 8/9/18, but if our old house did not sale by that time, he would continue to work with us, he just needed to know we are diligent in our earnest efforts to close on the deal. We still hold a security clearance and we have no intentions to discredit or falsely accuse anyone of any wrong doings. We have a third party (our lender and their VP) as witness to our claims and conclusions. We were not seeking any preferential treatment, we met every goal we agreed to meet far sooner than the agreed upon time.

However, our efforts seem to be in vain because it appears as if our money is not good enough for the SVR manager, and he continues to baffle our lender and our family, etc. with his ever changing timelines and false security of owning a home the SVR manager has no intentions on selling to our family. From the SVR managers own words, he claimed he sold the house to someone else, which explained the sold sign outside the house. The SVR Manager continued....but the house was back on the market so it was available for our family to purchase with our agreed upon contingencies.

It seems odd to keep selling the same house, esp. if we are welcomed to move into the house. We agreed to sell our old house so we could purchase that Monte Vista home comfortably. How many times has the SVR manager baited and switched that same house?

Is it protocol for a manager to dissuade lenders from providing loans to Vets of a particular culture, or all Vets? Nevertheless, we (all vested parties) are looking forward to turn these hopefully isolated oddly suspicious incidents into a success story.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes Manager.

LGI Homes Pros: Svr seems to be a safe community for homeschooled children.

LGI Homes Cons: Our military family seems to be unwelcomed.

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What is the manager's name? I think this is a pattern.

@LGI Deception

I named a few people in the update "#1642072 LGI Homes - Update: 20 Year Veterans' Success Story?" I hope that helps. Sorry I am just now seeing this post.


We had a big problem with Hugh Fitzpatrick. How was your experience with him?

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