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My wife and I attended a Realtor function in Sterling Lakes (Rosharon, Tx) as there are several builders in that community, i.e. First Texas, Triumph Homes, Westin Homes, Castle Rock, DR Horton, etc. I have sold several homes in that community prior to the developer...
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Mr. Hamp

My name is Bryan Sterling.

I am the Manager at Sterling Lakes LGI Homes. I would like to extend an invitation to you to come view our homes as you are correct in that we do have "a reputation." I would like to share with you what that is in terms of our construction. Before making such allegations I would like for you to see our homes and be provided construction feedback first hand. Should you, following the information provided, feel the same way - pls feel free to share you thoughts.

We do apologize for your treatment you and your wife experienced during your visit. We do appreciate business from realtors and encourage it.

Not to be taken out of context - at this time realtors are not our primary source for clients as 90% of the home building industry.

Bryan Sterling 281-778-****

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#276798 Review #276798 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Houston, Texas
I would do your research on the resale value of home in an LGI neighborhood. The one in our area has not had any houses resale except foreclosures or short sales. I understand the market has gone down but not as bad as they do in this area. If you want an LGI home take...
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It's like that EVERYWHERE right now.

And bringing a Realtor won't make a difference. They're in it to make money and they only make money if they sale you a house.

#257561 Review #257561 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Houston, Texas
was going to buy a hemlock home for $120000 found out the home was way overpriced because a full 1/3 of the homes in creekside village our in foreclosure or about to be foreclosed on. had signed a contract and given then a earnest check for 500. instead of putting it...
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So should they have lowered the price of the home and perhaps taken a loss on the deal? Did the lumber and concrete cost them any less because there are foreclosures in the neighborhood?

Guess what....

This is all over the state and country! Buy a foreclosure if you want, but some of us want new homes.

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#256218 Review #256218 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Fairport, New York
i have been looking into buying a LGI home in Pearland, TX. The staff is nice but they will NOT let you look at home unless you give them earnest money. Yes $500.00! I would like to at least see what I am getting before I put my money up. I have a appt to go back w/ my...
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Anyone anything on Trails at Seabourne? I have driven by at night.

Sure do seem to be lots of cars..for one house. I want to go by in the Weekend at night. I want a good first home. I work in construction but don't have time to sit and babysit.

I made an appointment already now debating whether to keep it.

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#248041 Review #248041 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Houston, Texas
Lgi Homes Sales Representative

Ethical Behavior ? NOT!

While attending a sales presentation by an LGI Sales rep, I was asked to pick out which of their "Core values" stood out. I picked Ethical Behavior. The sales rep then (after walking me thru the each of their "wall hanging")started telling me how I could buy a house for someone by claiming I was to use it as my primary residence when in fact I would NOT be moving into it!! I do not consider that ETHICAL BEHAVIOR. It was a scam to get someone in a house that they patently could NOT afford. But of course it would get him and his company a sale, a commission and a loan referral fee. NOT very ethical behavior, LGI Homes.
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LGI is a complete joke. This was the worst experience I've ever had.

You go house shopping to compare, and not ONE home builder except them has ever asked me to give them money before looking at a house, are you kidding?! I actually spoke with the sales manager Roger Villa and he was so rude and had a nasty smirk on his face mimicking me when I told him I didn't feel comfortable handing him 500 dollars. I noticed tons of graffiti as I left the neighborhood too, glad I didn't budge!

Stay away from this ghetto and sleazy sales people!! :eek


Would you pay $500 to test drive a car? There are lots of builders out there; do they ask for earnest money upfront?

Doubt it. Earnest money is due when you write a contract.


i would not buy a home from LGI again. they are worthless.

quality is subpar at best. i bought a NEW home that had many problems with it electrical plumbing siding recently had to replace a back door from water damage that they came out 3 times to TRY to fix. i had to have Lowes install it that cost me out of pocket, just for him to tell me there was no weather barrier behind the base of the home that should not have passed inspection. now i am dealing with another problem that they did not do right or fix.

and the inspector they used is no longer appointed meaning he stepped down or was asked to considering the amount of people in my subdivision that had problems with poor building quality i would say the latter. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH LGI IT IS A BAD INVESTMENT.


i have been looking into buying a LGI home in Pearland, TX. The staff is nice but they will NOT let you look at home unless you give them earnest money.

Yes $500.00! I would like to at least see what I am getting before I put my money up. I have a appt to go back w/ my money and at that time I can view a home. I even called my rep and ask "can i see a home so I will know if thats what i want or even like the home before i give up my money" i was told by rep wait until your appt.

Well i will go to my appt so i can see the homes before i rule them out but I am not giving up any money until i see a home and if i cant they just lost my business... 7/10/2011


Its funny how LGI has people talking *** about people with negative reviews.


Well, i bought a home from LGI Homes and am very happy with them.


Let me assure you, LOU, it is not BS. This was my first and only interaction with LGI Homes and have no reason to BS their operations. This situation was also reported to their management!!


Sounds like ***. Go check yourself I smell ur b.s.

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#220139 Review #220139 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Dallas, Texas

LGI is wrong! evil!

I had an appointment today with LGI (second visit to this office) Due to the fact that me being female they could tell me whatever they wanted. I told them I was looking to pay no more than I am paying now (875) per month. Have a list of houses to look at in better areas and closer to civilization. The sales man wouldn't go over anything with me only telling me "We can get you close to that, very close!!" He refused to get down to business until We all (me, my father in law and my children) all went out to the community. Then he tells the children to go play and I refuse to talk to him until he begins to calculate the numbers. He mocks me and starts writing things down saying "We will (say) the house is for you...(to my father in law)And we will (go by your income). I tell him I think this is silly. I have three kids looking for 4 br house. He tells me in the park, "Well, lets start with the 3br" I start shaking my head. I couldn't believe now that a man was present he was telling the truth and saying I needed to leave my comfort zone to get the house I wanted. (((He then tells me "look around, look at your children playing...don't you want them to be happy" I replied with, "I was happy, My children and I had this until my husband was killed and we lost it all, so bringing my children out to something we lost shaking this in their faces and saying (you cant afford this) is sick. Now we're done take us back to the office" On the way back he was speeding and rude. These people are sick! They are heartless and from what I can see, I wouldn't doubt they get the material from homes that have been foreclosure homes. The park was trashed, light bulbs broken...Oh real safe for kids!
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Y'all is trippen on here. When you have situations like doors, screws and other issues on you house learn to fix it.

Really! When your are blessed with 0 down and no closing cost people still complain. You can't make anyone happy now days we pick and pick because we wxspect everything to be perfect. Ask yourself?

What was your situation before you went to LGI?

Was you looking for a old home which some is higher then the newly built home? When your blessed your blessed just because there is one spoiled apple doesn't mean all the apples doesn't taste good.


Ok lets all pretend were adults here. Some people need homes to stay in.

Why are all you adults so dramatic talking about emotional issues and things of that sort Im like Younger then all of you put together and i know whats right and wrong.

Ok maybe LGI isnt the best place but its a roof. Just all of you grow up!







YOUR RIGHT LGI OS EVIL, PEOLE DO NOT BUY FROM LSGI IN ANY PART OF TEXAS. IT NOT GOING TO LONG UNTILL lgi WILL BE IN couurt, :p that will make me happy as they have hurt a lot of familys they sold there trash house too. BEWARE


They're not going to show you a house that you're not going to qualify for. I only qualified for the 3 bedroom, so that's all they showed me.

It would be pointless to show you something that you don't qualify to buy.

That being said, he could have been nicer about it.


Its not about being able to afford it or not, I may have emotional issues... However, I'm currently in a 5 br house for $1100 a month.

Where as this company wanted that same amount for a cookie cutter house (3 br). So you shouldn't get offended because you're phallus empowered and I happen to be right.

I am worth more than you will ever be sunshine. I may be emotional but I'm not insecure like you seem to be!


Ok first off I totally understand because being females regardless of what century we live in, its a fact of life how we are looked at and.talked to when it comes down to business. Me personally never understand anything and in my case I let my husband do it and explain it to me.

Because otherwise im clueless. Secondly....regardless of anyones situation I dont think thats a way to get customers so for you to have reacted the way you did....was not "emotional issues" to the *** who commented. And as a mother of 2, yes my kids will be happy wherever we choose to live, and if that means not having a park as an ammenity thats fine...its not about cant afford, its about finding thebright home, safe and affordable to your situation.

Not anyone elses. So take your business elsewhere.


Sounds like u have emotional issues n refuse to accept the fact that u can't afford to buy a house. Move on.

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#220071 Review #220071 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Dallas, Texas

My Thoughts On LGI

I received the LGI flyer in my mail about the low monthly payments and no money down financing.... I made an appt to take a look.... as soon as I walked in the door I was waited on and asked to sit at a table and fill out some info on me.... as I looked around I got the feeling these guys are here to get my name on a contract ASAP... all young guys, fast talkers, slicked back hair, total salesmen..... a rep came over and asked a few questions & exactly what I was looking for.... said he had just what I wanted, just to fill out another form and we could get started.... as I looked at the form, I realized it was for a credit check....I said Im not giving you permission for a credit check just to tour a house for a few minutes.... I was told this is how LGI works, so not to waste my time and theirs... I repeated that there was no way Im giving my SS# just to look at a house that I mite potentially buy.... He repeated again about not wasting our time and that he needed to do a credit check so I could get locked into a home.....WHOAAA i said Im not locking into anything and I sure as *** aint giving you my personal info just to look at an LGI home.... he kept doing some fast talking as I got up and started walking to the door and I just said thank you but there is to many builders in the DFW area to have to got thru all of this........ I felt like their main purpose was to get my name on a contract as fast as they could..... Just my story to beware of LGI
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exactly what happend to us also and the sales representative mr scott was too rude..0 % down is the big lie..they are not saying the details about the home better to go for a luxury apt than buying lg homes


Wowwwwwww! Thanks guys.

I was interested in lgi. ... NOT NOW! They can *** it!!!!

Why take advantage of working class people.

Ugh . You guys keep your heads up and build a lawsuit together.


Wowwwwwww! Thanks guys.

I was interested in lgi. ... NOT NOW! They can *** it!!!!

Why take advantage of working class people.

Ugh . You guys keep your heads up and build a lawsuit together.


I'm sorry that all of you had a bad experience. Unfortunately, my husband and I had quite the opposite reaction.

We went in, and yes, we were taken to a room to fill out information. Then we gave them our SSN's so that way the could run a credit check. I had called earlier in the week, so the sales woman knew exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a 5 bedroom home since I have 3 kids.

So she talked to me about my options before I even got to see the house. She enrolled us in their credit program so that way we can qualify for the 0 money down. While, we have the deposit ready, we are going to use that instead to clean up my husbands credit and that way we can qualify for 0 down and we have better credit at the end of it. I'm very thankful for this process because I didn't want to fall in love with a house and then find out that I cannot meet the requirements.

While my husband make near 6 figures, his credit is horrible. They worked with us and now we're about to sign a contract. As for the house itself, it's an inventory house. What you see is what you get.

My husband used to build homes for a living. He said they don't use the nicest materials ever, but when it comes to energy efficient items, they use the best. He said the cabinets are pre-fab but they look clean and you cannot see any of the lines. There are no ceiling fans, we have to add those ourselves.

We have to buy half the blinds. But luckily, since we're not paying a down payment, we can use the money towards these things. They never once told us otherwise and they've always been very up front. We've done our proper inspection of the house and we're very excited.

We're very thankful to LGI for making the process as easy as possible! I would recommend them to anyone.

But maybe it's just for our community, which is Mallard Crossing. I'm very glad I didn't follow the bad reviews.


Its funny how LGI has people talking *** about people with negative reviews.


:cry boy , you were told a bunch of junk, the only one you can fix your credit YOU ,and with LGI you house will be coming down around you ears in 5 years, I own one and it falling apart, R U N do not walk and get out of any thing to do with LGI :x


"I must be hiding something" ...thats exactly what the salesman said to me, rather loudly, in front of other perspective buyers, when I refused to give my personal info for a credit check.... With identity theft as the fastest growing crime in America, who in their right mind would give out their SS# just to tour a house that they might potentially buy?? NOT ME!!!.......and I hope no one else would


:eek A word to the wise for all of you considering the purchase of a home built by LGI. CHECK OUT THE HOME THOROUGHLY!!

Look at how the fences were constructed; ask yourself: HOW ARE THEY ANCHORED? NIT PICK EVERYTHING....BE AWARE BEFORE YOU BUY!


Y would they waste their time with someone that has poor credit? the whole reason they do that is to avoid dealing with a person that can't afford to buy a home. You must b hiding something.


As someone who was a licensed realtor in both Florida and Arizona, I will state that you are correct that a Realtor does require a credit check to ensure the individual is capable of securing a loan. However, WE rarely run the credit check and generally send them to a mortgage lender etc to have that check run for the maximum grand cost of 50.00; even if our brokerage runs it themselves.

NOT 500.00. Ernest money is put into a non bearing escrow account and returned to the buyer IF the loan does not go through etc. No one should ever be asked for 500.00 to run a credit report. Once you have the credit report they will tell you what you need to do to clean it up.

No need to pay someone to clean up your credit. Something is definitely NOT right with LGI.

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#197746 Review #197746 is a subjective opinion of poster.
As a Texas State Licensed "Professional" Inspector, When a Buyer calls me for an Inspection on a LGI Home, I simply say that I will not be able to help on them out on this ! Everytime I have Inspected these homes in the past, The Construction Super wants to ARGUE...
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youre a liar.............liars burn in ***

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#197234 Review #197234 is a subjective opinion of poster.
San Antonio, Texas
Lgi Homes House Construction


I just moved into my LGI home about six months ago. I need to transfer for my job and am trying to sell my home. I bought my home for 135k, and the most I will be able to sell it for is 115 or 120 (because that is what it is worth.) I was told that LGI only uses appraisers they know and the appraisers give a higher value than the home is really worth. So when you go to sell the home you will be updside down immediately. You can get a nicer home for cheaper in other neghborhoods. LGI only sells to people who don't know anything about real estate and they don't like real estate agents because an agent can always find a better deal than an LGI home. I wish I never would have bought this home!!!!!!!!!!!
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You've captured this prefectly. Thanks for taking the time!


im in a contract right now with them and ive been reading all this comments its really scaring me but everything is true they totaly forgot about us i havent even spoke to them in like 4 months the worst service ever

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#176326 Review #176326 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Houston, Texas
I am a very unpleased customer at the moment. The whole process to buy this home has been terrible And now that I'm moved in the customers service is still horrible. Lgi homes motto "we will sell You a house but if you need help figure it out ur *** self!" Its a...
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So if it was bad before you bought, what made you think they were going to change after you bought?? Youre making yourself look like a dummy. You must've been desperate to move in for free.

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#167179 Review #167179 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Little Rock, Arkansas

Talked me into something i wasnt sure of.

Hi when i was looking for a home lgi couldnt do enough for me.And they really did work hard to get me in my house.Now im stuck with a yard that floods everytime it rains;its like a river running through my yard.They talked me into putting in a french drain that runs through my whole back yard.I was so sick of the flooding i agreed to have drain it did nothing my yard flooded the last heavy rain on 10/20/09 water was pouring through my yard it was so high it was coming in my back door.I have no recourse now because my 90day grace period is up.There craftsman are terrible they cant even install there fences properly mine fallen 3xs now.Go elsewhere if your looking for a home .I;m stuck here now till market changes my house isnt even worth what i paid for it anymore.gary A
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Is this lucky ranch? From what I have heard that is a flood zone bad


no you are not obligated to purchase. In fact I found out that they lied on my moms Good Faith Estimate about her "estimated taxes." Rate at estiimate was 1.25 when they know it is 2.5 rate they even said it earlier in contract.

She was a person that fell for one of those "per month" things but like I said I got her out of it because they lied. I would look for similar course of action.


Based on your heading I feel the same way! I was told that i had to lock in on the house or the interest rate would go up but even after hearing that I am not so sure.

I feel anything that you are selling you should be willing to stand behind no matter how long it takes the consumer to make their mind up! Once given the earnest money, are you then obligated to purchase?


same thing I'm wondering. What the heck is the money for???

and are they going to lie about getting it back???

something doesn't feel right

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#160633 Review #160633 is a subjective opinion of poster.
San Antonio, Texas
Back in OCT 2007 I bought my very first house with my wife from LGI. They gave me this great scam about their warranty and how great their houses were built and so how much I would love living there. Well lets just say all of that is a scam just to get you to buy. I...
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Question: Does anyone else that own an LGI home have a problem with not being able to find any studs in their walls to hang pictures and other household wall decorations from? I have purchased two different stud finders and though they sound off that a stud is found, when you place a nail or wall hanger there it will go completely through because there is nothing there but Sheetrock.

I have used a nail as long as 2" and there is no stud there at all. I have so many nail size holes in the wall just trying to find a stud anywhere other than "corners: of the walls. This isn't the only complaint that I have but I feel this is an absolute critical complaint. Today (3/24/2017) the wind blew through really hard and I could feel the house vibrate even through the floor.

I think that they built these homes too cheaply and too quickly and a lot of things that should have been done were bypassed. I am basically afraid that if a true storm came though, my home would suffer some severe damage. I want to hire an independent person to come in and cut open a wall to see where the studs are, but do you think I should contact them first? On the home warranty site, there is no option to select that would allow you to raise the question of studs.

I anm at a lost at this point. Any suggestions?

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#156044 Review #156044 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Houston, Texas
Lgi Homes House Construction

LGI Homes are NOT quality and are a rip-off

I bought a house from LGI homes and their salesman totally lied to me. We were overcharged for a house that is literally falling apart. Nothing works correctly in this house and everyone in the neighborhood is ready to move out. I can't believe we did not do more research but they make it so *** easy to get screwed. I am fed up but nobody wants to make the effort to get a lawyer. The only people posting anything good about these homes are people that work for them. Ask for their contact information and get the real scoop. DO NOT BUY AN LGI HOME NO MATTER WHAT
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bought a home with Lgi about a year ago,it falling down around my ear,The whole place is coming apart,and I am going to get a attorney, the salesperson also lied all We are going to try for a class action on all the home out here.Most of the home are build,are substandard, if a harricane was to hit Creekside villiage, not many will get out a live. :cry Am so sorry that they have sucker so many to buy and they take the people need a home the most, little down payment or no down, but in the end you pay over $1000.00 a moth or more, If you read this , please do not buy a home from LGI :cry big time :?


I want to join you. I have robbed 1000.00 dollars


Sorry, I meant to say I have been robbed of 1000.00 because I opted out of a contract.


I was interested in calling LGI to set an appt. But after reading all of these complaints.

I think not tks everyone for ur thought.. :eek


You could still call them and learn how they have scammed people.

This will help you make a decision on which way you want to go.


I would be real interested in knowing what type of problems you guys are having Me and My Wife are on the fence about this choice.thnx


omg soo y'all saying that this LGH is not a good bulider. to buy from cuz i fed up with living in annd apt. and they keep sening me flyers ....i dont see any homes on there that they built only landscape and pools i shouldnt buy in to this.....what's the big problem yall having


I think that everyone should get a lawyer. It's not fair to pay for a house that you were lied to about.


If you want tget a lawyer then lets get one. I am like you fed up with everybody complaining but to scared to do anything about. I would have gotten a lawyer along time ago but more people that you have with problems the easier it is to show how much off a rip off LGI is.


We just need a forum so we can start the process.

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#151991 Review #151991 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Dallas, Texas


My house is less then 2 yrs old and I have had nothing but problems with it.First LGI would not cover items that were supposed to be covered by there warranty. The only way that they fixed was for me to threaten them with a lawsuit for breach of contract. Then they did not even fix all of the issues that I need done. I am still having issues like water seeping in by the rear door through the wall and getting my sheet rock soaken wet. To who ever reads this DO NOT BUY FROM LGI Homes they stink. JEREMY SHRIVER
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I want to thank you all for the comments my husbend and I were in the process of getting a LGI home on the outskirts of Pearland and something told US to research this company... to good to be true... The homes looked new it was just the neighbors they looked like they had too much time on their hands.


I dunno but I think our foundation is falling apart. and when we went to remove flooring to put in tiles instead,you know cause the *** white carpet they put in these homes stains so badly, well there was a crack in the hallway that ran from wall to dining room, and just about everything is crooked, have been having a hard time lining up the tiles because of crooked walls,crooked island.

Oh and let's not forget about the field mice incident we had back 2 years ago!

when they tore down the field to build more homes,the mice ran up hill and into our homes,it was disqusting and emberassing luckily I found all the gaps that the builder left behind all the appliances,and garage walls and sealed them or else it would of continued on for who knows how long! :(


I have water seeping in my living room by the back door as well. In fact, I replaced the carpets in the house with wood floors that costed over $3,000 to improve the house.

Now, water is under the living room portion of the wood floor all the way to the bedroom and the bedroom carpet is soaked.

I do maintain my home. And, why won't LGI STOP building in Canyon Crossing?


It's obvious that "NO" and "Lynn" are rude and crude shills for LGI. NO home should require any kind of preventative maintenance to keep water from seeping through the walls, especially one that is not even 2 years old!

The fact that they try to renege on their warranty (especially on such a serious defect) is a clear indicator that the company is being run very poorly.

Thanks for the warning Jeremy. I'll be sure to steer clear of LGI.


Lynn no I have owned a house before and I used to build houses for Beazer Home you probably never heard of them just because they are better built houses and cost more.I do know how to do the preventive maintance on it. So let me ask you a question do you work for LGI only reason I ask is because my neighbor that lives down the road from me name NO works for LGI and is on this site to try and redeem LGI'S horrible name in the housing market.



Was this your first home? You sound like a new home buyer who has no idea how to take care of anything themselves.


Yea they are the worst builder ever .


Jeremy as a neighbor I have met you and you are impossible to please! Keep up the maintenance on your home and stop blaming the builder!

You are an angry and sorry excuse for a man. STOP COMPLAINING AND ENJOY LIFE'S BLESSINGS


They really do stink. Don't buy one or you will be sorry.

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#151986 Review #151986 is a subjective opinion of poster.
Houston, Texas
In 2007 my husband and I brought a house in Canyon Crossing for 127,000.00 which we were paying 1215.00 a month for a 3 bdrm 2 ba 1 story home. After wondering why we were paying so much I starting to do some investigating and found out the appaisal of our house...
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PLEASE DO NOT BUY FROM LGI, I learn that they also put in sheet rock from China that is bad for health and it smells, after living in creek side village. in this house that it is really decomposing. for really, it is slowing dying, it like you buy and LGI put in junk material in these home oh there not __home the DEAD HOUSES Remember that where ever you are if you thinking of buying from them.

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#145449 Review #145449 is a subjective opinion of poster.
San Antonio, Texas