This person is an *** because clearly she or he fails to understand that it isn't about the research it is about the quality of approach a salesman gives to a buyer and how important the salesman treats you as a first time buyer and calm they have you feel giving this company your personal information. To be insulted is majority *** and to continue having office workers with the attitude and resident about to purchase with the same attitude and ignorance trust me god was with these client and truly helped them walk out of a uncomfortable neighbor as you having no cause for that type of behavior you are already establishing on these people just trying to purchase a perfect living for them and their families.

So instead of advising them helping them you rather try to play the smart *** card game which actually had you looking like a person with too much air blowing up your ***.

And by the way stop telling yourself that you were informing others because if that how you inform do yourself a favor quick while you are ahead... you *** sure don't qualify

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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