Houston, Texas

No matter how many times this company has had complaints, they continue to disrespect people. I know I have personally complaint about them starting work too early and I know my neighbors have also.

So they tell us they won't start until 9am from now on. ***! So here I am complaining about the same ***. 7am woke up to a bunch of mother *** banging hammers in my back yard.


If you have a choice at all, DO NOT live in one of their houses or even in a neighborhood where the build. LGI is no good at all.

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Really, are you freaking kidding me this is what you have to whine to about someone trying to make a living, get life ***. There is no such thing as quite construction and starting at 7:00 AM is not unreasonable.


I just checked out an LGI neighborhood and came here to check reviews because "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is."

I worry about how they make everything seem so easy and no money down usually means big problems later.

That said...

Builders have NO control over what time daily construction begins or ends on homes. I worked in construction for several years. The actual building happens by contractors and sub contractors and there is essentially no communication between the developer and those who actually build the homes. Especially through the summer and fall work gets so backed up you have to start no later than 7, often complete jobs for 2-3 homes and rarely make it home before 9 pm. Complain all you want about construction noise but the work has to get done when there is time to do it. If you want a system where you'll not have the complaint about noise before 9am, you'll probably be looking at trading the complaint for homes taking over a year to build and probably much higher cost since the work time would be drastically limited the price for the work would triple.

This complaint has nothing to do with LGI homes and there is nothing the company can do to stop it from happening.


:p really, guess that they just get the money and move on to the next site to build there shack , they call house, if you been in the business then when your house was build, you were right there see what is happening, My brother was a Master plumber and I was on the sited he worked, :? he was up to code when put it in and made sure it was right, LGI is in it for the money and that all.

my house is 5 yrs. old and I have mole, with China sheetrock, now just be a good boy and tell some more lies 8)


Builders do have control over hours worked by contractors and frequently impose restrictions for numerous reasons. In my neighborhood to minimize inconvenient for homeowners already living there, there was no construction that began before 8:00 in the morning and never before 10:00 am on Saturdays. Plus they finished no later than 6:00 every evening.


This is true for most City's and the contractor and crews can get a ticket from the police for breaking said laws, you just have to check with your city on start and end times then call the police. They know the times they just don't care.