San Antonio, Texas
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We bought a brand new house in Luckey Ranch, on US 90 West, San Antonio, Texas. It's been only six months since we moved in. So far, we have encountered the following problems:

1. Water seeping through the carpet after heavy rain.

2. Cracked walls in less than six months.

3. A leak under the bathroom sink which turned into fungi and has left black and white marks.

If you are like us and don't know much about the construction business, we urge you to spend a few extra dollars and take someone who can examine the house thoroughly if you choose to buy a home with LGI. Their post-sale service is poor and they usually will blame YOU for what's wrong with a BRAND NEW HOUSE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes House Construction.

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Oh i move here


did you not get a home inspection ? just because a house is brand new doesnt mean it may not have issues.


They blame you because YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for the maintenance of the house YOU bought. It's not a rental.


It looks like your problem was left longer than a day ... if you have a leak ANYWHERE in your home, a smart person would turn of the water and report it asap..

not leave it as is and see how bad it gets. I'm living in an apartment now and I pay close to $1000 a month.. which to me is not cheap and I have my little maint problems every now and then.. it happens ..

an issue because a problem when they don't fix it right away.

Why do you think they offer waranty. duh.


Thank you for you advice. I am seeking my first home and live in SA, was considering lgi but thanks to your post, will be careful. Thanks again.

@Looking for a new home

Just left a meeting with one of the sales person....Lucky Ranch very cheap construction