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Update by user Apr 18, 2021

So here is a update April 18th 2021, hope all is well in our country and surrounding countries near and far. Not really much to tell as far as LGI Homes they nearly sold all the homes in this development in Macclenny Fl.

Sad to see how many homes have been built and how quickly it happen. I feel very sorry for anyone that have a LGI Home here, near and far. Some experiences they may face will be a battle I lost to. However my words of hope using this media will fill many others to be aware of the whole sale and or proper questions to ask.

They will hook, line and sink you blind sided. So anyway let's continue on ad of today being above date I have ripped out the old system 3 ton and I replaced it to a $10,000 system, which $3000 of that was from the sale and proper install for a good friend of mine. So he got a system upgrade from old freon to new for good deal and I installed my system which that price yes it does everything you need a Heat Pump System Can Possibly Do but bring a beer. But sure will keep it cold.

So in the end my calculations of needing a bigger unit was correct my home cools well and heats well, with a lower light bill. I even invested a tankless water heater and installed to code something LGI and city know nothing about. Code Enforcements here in Macclenny I believe are still following 1900 codes and allowing a lot to slide.

Because if the engineers of there AC company are making these mistakes and the overseeing person is allowing it and the code enforcement is not enforcing your gonna get a negative home. They don't care there still making money.

Update by user Nov 16, 2020

In the aspect of getting the word out there for others to hear and see great as I can tell based on new views. For the Builder LGI my issues still have not been dealt with, from the construction VP builder manager of 3 other locations Dale said they are not doing further work on the AC or as for plumbing with pipe broke in drain sewage line he believes the plumber that there isn't a broken pipe there no-more so that was not resolved in the owners eyes but to them there only taking care if issue if they arise of hearing or ac issues.

If my home floods they will find and then fix the issue. Basically if its in middle of summer for AC there saying the system has to break down. Keep in mind daughter has Congenital Heart Disease.

So we will wait till daughter has a issue to heat till they fix anything. Which they know about also.

Original review posted by user Oct 16, 2020

I purchased my home on June 12th was final closing date. With this being said 1st week in the home we kept getting this God awful smell in the master to find they never put a vent in on the plumbing under wife's side of the his and hers sink.

2nd week the toilet in the foyer location backed up didn't think anything of it at this time. For the record we have lived in a rental for 8 years with septic so we are vigilant on placing toilet paper in the toilets feared of backups. Within this time we are having cooling issues where we have Temp set to 72 degrees and Temps would sore up to the 78 to 81 degrees. They claimed the TXV was bad and static was to high.

BTW been in the HVAC for 22 years. I was hovering over there shoulder as well so I was watching all they were doing, which might I add TXV wasn't the issue at all. To find the system was under sized but they say that a 2.5 ton is good enough for a 1928 sq ft home when 3.5 is what should be in there. So continuing they decided to place a 3 ton in and then within all this mix I did a heat load in the home using a Infrared gun finding a lot of heat load on the ceiling.

Went up into the attic finding insulation was only measured at 10" . Code is 13.4" for R38 value. Called construction manager Jesse he had installation crew come out here in spray a roughly of 18" of insulation in the attic which is now R58 value. At this time the 3 ton is already installed and 1 week goes by and yet again 95 outside and Temps rise to 78 in the home with setpoint at 72.

Siron from. One stop came out and added a return and still issues till present. Now back to plumbing so I worked late on call at work and got home at 1130 PM and went to take shower after wife to find water was backing into the shower from sewage line and proceeded to leak at the base of toilet in master bath. So I called black pearl plumbing the contractors who did this plumbing and responded saying you want us to come tonight, he stated it won't be till 12 or 1 until we get there so I said yes because it was backing into my home.

The guy that came seemed very rude, accused us of placing wipes down the drain because he seen baby wipes their and I said no we place them in trash. And he responded that he hears that all the time and if he finds anything in pipe we will get charged. He never found anything. So to continue on he was able to clear it out but in the process he damaged my light outside near the clean out and my shrubs to get to the clean out.

So again 1 week later the gurgling sound came back and this time Barry the owner came out with his son and they ran a camera in the drain and found a broken pvc pipe in there and was able to get one part of it out but could not get the other nice size piece out that he was trying to use the camera to bang it out. It ended up sticking to the side wall of sewage pipe and Barry said it would not harm anything. So yes there is a piece of pvc still stuck in there. When I called him to ask if he could give us reinsurance of pipe being removed he said he didn't have to reinsur no one.

Thats as far as I went with that. Now I reached out to LGI Corp and the reached out to Dale VP of Jacksonville location and is higher then Jesse which is the construction manager of this lake of Woodlawn location. Dale told me that because of covid19 they couldn't come to my home unless it's a emergency to meet with me so he said let's wait till then31st of August and see if it has lifted so 31st of August came and he called and said he can't come to my home because there policy is still in affect not to meet customers of issues in there home. Joe Boyd is the next I was trying to reachnout to which is higher then Jesse and Dale he is VP of all of Florida LGI construction managers.

He never responded to me and I have made several attempt in email, text and phone. But yet there in the sale model home selling homes meeting with customers doing walk through and everything but can't come to my home to fix issues. Now I do have a disabled child in my home that has Congenital Heart Disease and has had 2 surgery one at 13 days old and the other at 13 months old November 12th 2019 to be exact but yet a hot home is not a emergency or sewage backing up or daylight coming through my main doors. Fire ants pouring into my home.

We pay a HOA also but why people park there cars on sidewalks and park opposite directions of the street and we have a park in our community that is not closed off to where public can use our stuff we are paying for. And one last issue when we were buying our home the signs clearly say $0 down we ended putting 8600 down even with the 1st time home buyers program. So we have been lied to, dealing with all the issues and pain and suffering.

Today October 16th 2020

Dale VP Finally comes out with Syrian the operations manager of one stop heating air. So they asked me to explain what was going on now.

Keep in mind I have already explained exactly what I've typed here at least a 1000 times to them. Anyway they ask if they could step into my home, I let them in and they asked where my issues were and i said well its only 85 degrees outside now because now it's the beginning of fall in north Florida (Not As Hot) so the temp will be normal. However I begun to show them the areas and I asked them all I want is 1/2 ton more of air and for the plumber to check to ensure there is no broken pipe in there.

So end of story is they will not will not be doing anymore work like that in my home. This came from Dale and the last words I had to him was I will post signs in my yard for people not to buy there homes, however I don't know on a legal standpoint if that is allowed with HOA but the HOA is LGI Homes because the development is still under construction.

User's recommendation: Don't Buy From LGI Crooks.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes House Construction.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

LGI Homes Pros: Location.

LGI Homes Cons: Unprofessional attitude, Poor customer service, Poor construction of home, Since closing it has been nothing but lies.

Location: Macclenny, FL 32063

LGI Homes - Bought A Lemon Home
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LGI called today and stated the home I was trying to buy is 8,000 more than the appraisal and they want me to pay the difference. Found this page just in time! Big thank you!!!

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