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We moved in 11 April 2014. LOVED our house although there were several things that were mentioned at our punch list that were flat out ignored (still, to this day they are ignored). The entire 2nd story was uneven, creaked all over, and was like walking through a fun house. It took them 6 weeks to get it fixed (oh, and it's still not completely fixed), and that's only after I contacted corporate. I have submitted items that have been structural issues that were pointed out during the walk through (as well as other items, like..... we can't remove our stove because either the cabinets or granite is too tight to remove it...). Since our street name in Jarrell, TX is so strange, we weren't able to put in a claim through the online warranty for MONTHS. (I was finally able to log in and submit like 30 claims, which was supposed to be completed by 20 August 14. It's 24 September, and 1/2 of them are still there. 1/4 have been fixed...... several have disappeared off the warranty list. Since I trusted LGI to maintain the records in the "completed" section, I stupidly didn't print it out.) After repeated phone calls and texts to the construction manager (all of which were ignored) I contacted LGI directly through private message on Facebook. Within hours I received a returned phone call and the next day they were out to fix our upstairs. Our entire 2nd floor. In the 5 bedroom with a loft. All subfloors needed to be fixed. They're still not fixed completely. I grew up in Ohio and I've been in 100 year old farmhouses (that have basements, instead of just sitting on foundation) that don't have these issues.

Other structural issues include a 1/2 wall that is loose in the loft that needs reinforced. Crumbling foundation all around the house. Then my absolute favorite of all time! You better sit down because I'm sure you'll be as surprised as I was. (or maybe not, you are here, after all). Our tub (which was broken, and pointed out and claims submitted too many times to count) was finally removed yesterday in order to be replaced. I went in our master bathroom to check out what the walls looked like (because EVERYONE in this neighborhood seem to have multiple issues of some sort with their LGI homes) and I found *** *** where the wall/foundation is. There was sunlight coming in the hole. If you know anything about Central Texas you know there are mice. Snakes like mice. We have rattlesnakes. Just keep that in mind....

So I take the pictures of the hole and text it to our construction manager. Because *** to the outside of the house FROM the inside of the house is kinda a big deal. We had torrential rains last week from the Hurricane that hit this Pacific coast. How do I know that the insulation by the hole won't mold out? My 9 year old is severely allergic to mold. Everything else at or near the ground, all the way up to 1/2 of our front door was soaked because of the wind and rain. We had flash flood warnings. We had like......6ish inches total.

Anyway, back to the hole in the wall story. An hour or so later, my husband calls the construction manager. By now the plumber has the new tub sitting in place, and is trying to sauder it. I asked about the hole and he said that someone should have taken care of that (yeah, duh, ya think?). He was really nice and tried to help. Sprayed some hard foam up the exterior walls trying to get it under the siding to plug *** that he can't see from the outside because it's covered by siding (which the foam looks like ***), but at least he tried. He acknowledged the problem (IDK if he would have if I wouldn't have brought it up.)

Evening comes and we KNOW that we won't hear from the construction manager. Ok, hopefully the foam worked in the hole.

So we lay down and I keep hearing something. I kept turning the flashlight on my phone on and searching around the room. Couldn't see anything. I thought maybe our dog was in our room (which is not normal). I hear it again and again and again. FINALLY I see it. A baby mouse. It's trying to get out of a box we have sitting on the floor (and we still have boxes of stuff not put away because there's so much that LGI has to fix we still aren't completely "moved in"). So I slowly remove the items from the box and take it outside so the baby mouse can run away. No big deal. Now, I had taken an ambien and when I started hearing more noises, I thought that I must be 1/2 asleep or hallucinating or something (since it was now 1 1/2 hours after I took it). Turn my flashlight on over and over again. I see nothing. THEN, there it is, with it's beady little eyes looking at me. A (cute if they're outside, not in my house) itty bitty baby mouse. Ok, that's 2 mice, but, oh no, we weren't so lucky this time, because it got away. IT GOT AWAY! AT MIDNIGHT. So now my husband and I are ripping the room apart trying to find it. Turning over boxes, which obviously makes great hiding places for baby mice. I text my friend who brought over some traps because now I'm just freaked out. If MICE can get it, what's next? Rattlesnakes eat mice, and there are plenty of them here right now. Since we are a new community it's stirring them up.... at 1 am I send another text message to the construction manager showing him that because of the hole, we now have MICE coming in. We know where they're coming in (behind the tub, where the hole is) because one of them fell into the bath tub. Total count as of right now, 10:45am, is 4 baby mice and 1 mommy mouse. What should I expect next? A rattle snake to come up through that hole and slither into bed with us?

The construction manager has driven past our house twice this morning without stopping. Without calling and without even acknowledging that this house has MAJOR issues that they need to deal with. You know how I know he has driven by? Because I'm typing this out on the computer in the office that sits over our garage. I've watched him. My husband (the calmer one) has tried to be civil. Me, not so much. Next stop for me is to once again send LGI a facebook message with pictures, and for me to contact the news. People in Central Texas need to know what is happening in Sonterra before they come buy here with LGI. I want the siding taken off of my house so they can expose any more structural issues that they need to fix. I want to make this a HOME! I can't do that as long as walls are bowed out, floors are uneven, the ceiling shows all the lines of drywall, they have to cut (or fix) sheetrock and drywall. They have to fix the tile, or the carpet, or the WALLS or the crumbling foundation around the outside. Pretty much everything in this house has had to be fixed. From the subfloor to the garage, and apparently they will need to fix the outside walls as well.

Oh, and instead of closing out claims that have been completed (there's a tab for completed claims) they have been erased. Even some that have not been completed have been erased. This is supposed to be a way to stay on track and know what you have submitted, and what was done. Instead, they're just being erased. So you have no paper trail. Shady shady.

As I type this, he just drove by again. That's 3 times. Still no contact. If you're reading this from LGI, you know who I am, feel free to tell me how you're going to make this right. Wait wait, that's 4 times. He just drove by again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: ALL of the above.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I used LGI to purchase a home, my credit was pulled 16 times and I gave the $1000 deposit four months ago. I was told to start packing to move in.

I was told the VA had denied me and I could only go FHA. Which required a down payment of 3%.

I refused to pay and had spoke with VA, LGI denied all conversation with me and I have lost my deposit they will not return it. Was told I broke their contract.




I will not be going to my appointment in Seattle wa


After reading these reviews, I am canceling my appointment. Too many issues to ignore. Hate renting but ....


Too long.



I was so excited after I talked to Mr Hunt..... but now I am totally afraid to have any kind of dealings with these people.

I just got out of a money pit. Lord, bless each every homeowner with reliable, trustworthy and loyal people agents in their journey to homeownership.

You just can't trust anyone!


WOW I was looking into LGI---thats too bad ---how do these homes pass inspection for the home loans as they are really picky about structure etc


I am a retired professional inspector. The inspection that is done before you move in is not a professional inspection.

They are only looking at the house to advise the house is completed. I advise anyone buying a new house to have it inspected by your inspector and not theirs.

@Joe Lang 1

Thank you this is very helpful


Hopefully there is some legal recourse such as contacting stae agencies to report this substandard builder - and keep contacting the media until you can get one to do a feature article complete with pictures on LGI homes in Texas and the buyer complaints - maybe that will help. I had been thinking of calling LGI to make an appointment to visit - not any more!

And what are the association dues running?


Write on a big sign, on both sides.



towards your house.

Let's see if he pulls up. lol


Good Luck we have been having issues with Project manager ignoring us as well. Only way I got anything done was call his boss.

And even then the repair work is barely better then the work that was done first time around. Very dissatisfied with Project managers and the after sales service . Or should I say the lack of it.

I like my home, but did not expect such *** workmanship from a brand new home. Very dissapointed.


Thank you for posting this! Please consider using Twitter to let others know about this horrific company.

More people like YOU need to speak out. Once again, thank you!

Use all social media you can to get the word out. It's awful that greedy people prey on the middle class who are trying to make a decent living and create homes for our families



Any updates? I'm dying to hear from you guys!!

Also, where did the water from the tub go? Has that been fixed?

@DJ Andre 7

Our update:

Nothing was done with several original punch list items..... or items that came up because of the work that was done.

So many things were left undone, and at 1 year I was handed a paper and basically told that they did us a favor by fixing anything. Almost all of our items were on the original punch list.

I will NEVER recommend this home builder. I believe there are other areas in our house that do not have insulation on outside walls. We already discovered (and they fixed) the walls behind the showers that didn't have insultion.

Pretty sure that's some sort of broken contract since they told us the entire outside walls of the home were insulated..... they absolutely were not.

We have footprints in our tub, on our carpet (still) and a broken light dome in our master. These things were done during the renovations, and should have been taken care of. They, however, were not.

So there you go. We were basically drug through the mud. In my opinion they ignored us and our neighnors until we either gave up or our one year arrived. The only way to get the ball rolling was to contact them on Facebook.

Our house was built horribly, and all we ever got were excuses and broken promises. I'm not sure what the point is of a punch list walk through when they do not take your concerns seriously. I'm actually shocked that the VA approved our house. As a 100% service connected veteran, I feel like we were taken advantage of.

That's our update. They did fix some things but not all. They did not ever fix anything that was broken, destroyed or lost by their contractors during demo of the tile. They didn't even seal the tile around the edges all the way.

These are the details that are lacking in their work. They had the contractors come out several times to try to fix our master ceiling. After the last time the contractors told us that there was nothing else they could do, it's a framing issue. It looks worse now than it did to begin with.

We were told to get lower hanging lights so it's not so obvious. Covering up shotty construction with "lower hanging lights" does not fix the problem. Just basically means they're washing their hands of our house. And that they did.

Oh, and when our tub leaked, the water went all over the garage. Where we still had a lot of furniture and boxes due to them having to fix so many things.


You should hire an attorney


Hahahhaa! Omg!

My Girlfriend and I looked at 2 communities in TX. Castle Hills and Forney... Both appeared nice, but the sales staff just didn't seem right. I can't believe this happened to you guys!

That is cray! We looked at that same 5 bedroom floorplan, too!

Ugh... these people are Shady for sure!


Hello Jarrell LGI Home owners, I too have been fooled by LGI and after a year, still have issues no one will address.. I would like to gather everyone together that are having issues to file a suit.

If you are interested please email me.


We can only win in numbers. Please pass this info on to your friends and neighbors in the Jarrell Community.


Im interested in Fl. Delandstyffe@gmail


We should all get together and find out how we can get all these issues fixed. I just bought a 2 story at J.E.Brown lane near the LGI office.

They forgot to install the pest control systems. My heating bill was $350 last month due to the front door does not seal nor the back door. So the heater, even set at 68 keeps kicking on. The heating system does not have a dampener as it should to adjust the heat top and bottom.

I have had a lock at the back door that can't be keyed, and been told 3 times by the construction manager, I will bring a new one right over. No lock. I have knock-down on my drywall that looks like ***, like someone put silicone lines down it or something. When they messed up and had to move the door from the living room to the dining as it should be, the drywall guys found a friggin dos xx bottle in the wall.

I have had to repair my fence myself as the ones who stuck it up were drunk off their butts. Stop buy anytime on the weekends. I think a class action law suit with everyone's issues would probably fix the issue.

It would halt their speedy put up of new houses, which means loss of revenue. ***, we finally tried to clean our master bath tub and found it scratched, and the feet prints left by the workers won't come out.