Trinity, Texas

My husband and I are looking into buying a house from LGI homes and we want to knowif anyone is living in west meadows in Baytown, tx. So far our experience has been great we will be going over everything we will be also taking the contract before signing to our lawyers office.

I have seen reviews about other homes from LGI but I haven't seen any from west meadows. We really want to start buying our own home and instead of renting. I just want to make sure we are making the right move for our family.

I understand there are a lot of people and company's that claim that they can do a zero down. But I am wanting to know more.

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I am a first time home buyer and renting an apartment in the area is quite pricey. I am in the process of having my home built in West Meadows.

My experience has been wonderful with no money down and they are paying closing costs as well. The sales person who showed me the houses is still amazing and answers any questions i have along the way.


You still have to pay for closing which cost me 8,000 dollars and it's been a nightmare living here . Air condion has broke 3 times .

Leaked oil all over my ceiling . They came out and told me it wasn't the a/c but I have a guy now here telling me what it really is . House is made cheap as *** . Garage door and 3 neighbors broke already haven't even been here a year .

Water leak in my bathroom now I won't even tell you what else .

I am a single mom and thought it was a amazing deal for me and my kids . 170,000 dollars later worst mistake of my life once the warranty is over I'm screwed :-(


Have you called them about the warranty?

Check through the packet you go when you bought the house.


The place is in Baytown not trinity


Eggleston32, did you end up buying a LGI home? I am curious to your input as I have reviewed all the complaints as well.