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Does LGI build community centers in all of their subdivisions, I live in a subdivision where we are required to pay $300 a year and we have no community center to meet a very tiny pool for 253 homes, I think we were dealt a bad hand. Most people in this community I'm sure have issues about their home, mine, I like but we don't have a place to meet and discuss anything, just a managing company that collects our money. We are working on a board and we have to take our dues money and pay to meet somewhere and it's causing a big problem in this community of Risinger Deer Creek, can someone please make contact with me about this matter, your help would be appreciated, I am a board member working on this problem, for the community.

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Find out who the management company is, if the management company is affiliated with, or owned by LGI, who the board of directors are, if the board of directors includes any homeowners from your subdivision. If homeowners own a certain percentage of the lots in the community as defined by the neighborhood declaration, then the homeowners can call for a special meeting and fire the management group and hire a new one. Call your title company if you have questions on where to get your declaration copy.