My home was hit by a tornado on 3/6/08. I hired Bryan Wolfe - Wolfe Construction/Roofing - Corpus Christi, TX to reroof.

The job is adequate, at best. He assured me that when the ins. settled he would accept what the ins. paid.

He has not answered my letters or calls for an adjustment. He billed (and I paid by mistake) twice for an item. He will not refund that amt. He atempted to chargee $650.0+ to powerwash a 1300sf structure, $400.00 for 4 4x4's, etc.

Yesterday i received a letter from his att.

stating that i am to keep my mouth shut or he will take me to court for slander!!! I am telling everyone everywhere not to use this contractor.

Location: Reston, Virginia

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What does this have to do with LGI???


This has nothing to do with LGI Homes

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