Richardson, Texas

Liked the area so decided to stop in. Talked to Jenny Thomas and started the process in December 2012.

My husband's credit was HORRIBLE so he was placed in the credit repair program after we put the $500 earnest money deposit down for the house layout that we preferred. By April 2013 his credit was at a 680- up nearly 120 points and we were approved for the home. Jenny stayed in contact with us through the entire process and was super friendly even when I wasn't so nice. We closed on July 14, 2013 and seem to happy so far!

For anyone that is considering purchasing a LGI home, here a few things to know: homes are pretty nice, small yards- unless you were lucky like us and scored a LARGE lot. Houses are not built to suit, they are pre-built and you choose the layout, not the lot. Homes come with tile; not lanolium, gas stoves and water heater, whirlpool appliances and the remaining year of HOA dues paid.

Ceiling fans, blinds, garage door opener and back yard grass is not included. I am really pleased with out purchase and would not be a home owner if it weren't for LGI!

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We have the same story. Love our home in Sun Rise Meadows.

If it wasnt for Tony and the credit repair program we would still be renting. We were also lucky to get a large lot.

We have been here for 2 years and had no problems. Everyone is friendly and happy in my neighborhood


@Kimberly,yes. The credit repair program really helped him!

Raddick and Associates are who LGI uses,and are located in Houston. It's a pretty intense process but definitely worth the help! We put the $500 earnest money down and it took care of the credit repair cost, as well as being applied to the principal of our home.

The process starts with a 30 minute phone call and they are really upfront and helpful. It took about 5 months to get his score up but it was really worth it!Just to get a jump start, apply for a credit card through First Premier credit card.


Are you serious?????not to be mean, but was it bad bad like low fives because Im thinking about going thru with this.

@Kimberly is possible i started this journey in june 2013 with a 528 middle credit score, went through the credit repair and was approved with a middle score of 679!


alrighty, have been in the house for about three months now and really have no complaints. Something that my husband and I have witnessed is that once a house has been closed on and the warranty walk through has been completed the front yard landscaper no longer cares for the area.

The grass and trees start to die the next day, due to the hot Texas heat. Four of our surrounding neighbors have made claims and spoke with LGI regarding dying trees. We talked to the builder supervisor and was promised a new tree if it didn't make progess within a month.

The day after the conversation we received a letter from HOA telling us that we were out of compliance due to the dead tree.

I will continue to update regarding my experience.


Try wating the grass and trees every 2 to 3 days during the Texas heat and drought and they will grow fine. If you take a look around, folks managing their home well have nice yards. Just takes draging hoses around every few days.