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I was told by John Garza in San Antonio that the earnest money would be refunded if I did not qualify for a mortgage loan. I have alot to say but am limited to 100 words so suffice to state that I was lied to by several people.

I was told I would be in a new home in 60 days . That was March 1st. I was highly pressured so much so that I was followed to my bank by the salesman because he said he needed the earnest money right away "to expedite the process." Salesman Roger Villa told me the money was used for credit repair and therefore not refundable. But nothing was done.

Sales woman Marjan said the money was used to "lock in the price of the property" yet I hadn't seen any property. A supervisor of sorts, Parker Scott said he needed to talk to some lawyers in Houston and he never called me back. I emailed the president of LGI, Mike Snider, and asked for his intervention and he never responded.

I told them from the start I am unemployed and a 100% disabled veteran and I was still promised a new house. In the meantime, I am not in a new home as promised and they're still sitting on my $500 earnest money.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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that's not right! they need to refund your money.


We started building a home with another home builder and 1 month before closing LGI purchased that home builder. I am not thrilled with how LGI runs their sales office and am glad I did not go through that.

Trying to get LGI to do the warranty work has been difficult. I have noticed that I have to contact all the vendors, LGI has not been doing that. Local LGI staff does not follow up or return phone calls unless I call the corporate office. Corporate Offices always tells me that is not the LGI way.

I love my house and community, just disappointed by the local LGI staff.

If we ever move, I will build with MI Homes again, not LGI. Much better experience.


WOW. LGI must really be bad contractors and crooks.

I received a flyer in the mail and after reading these comments, it went right into the trash. Too bad, I liked the looks of the homes and floorplans.

You can build a quality home as easy as a bad one and build a good reputation. I will add LGI to my list of NOT who to use.


Roger is a shirt y salesman that steals people's money


So i'm in the process of working to buy a home. I was told by Roger Villa over at LGI holmes that I needed to pay $500 to fix my credit.

He told me that those $500 would be put towards holding the price of the home. I have an appt. this friday March 15th to do a walk through of some homes and to pay him the $500. I'm worried now after seeing these reviews.

All I want is a nice home for my little family. My husband and I are hard working ppl that made a few mistakes when we were young and we've been struggling to fix our credit ever since.

I would hate for someone to take advantage of us knowing how desperate we are for a home. :sigh


We put down $500 to hold the house in January, paid off my credit cards and was still 6 points away. I told them that I just wanted to receive a refund and cancel.

Ricky Rivera told me not to cancel and I found another opportunity to purchase another home and qualified. LGI refuses to give me my money back because they paid for a quickscore..

LGI dont need to sell homes because they are collecting enough $500 earnest money from potential clients to build the homes. DONT DO IT..


In January i received a card in the mail about LGI homes i new it was to good to be true. I called and made an appointment to go out to magma ranch it didn't say what city it was in i live in mesa arizona and there are a lot of new builds going up out here and most are about forty five minutes away, he gave me directions i drove a hour and thirty minutes out when i got there this guy started talking money before i could sit down.

The first thing i was told i needed 500 dollars to start building and 300 to fix my credit, well i hadn't seen a model home so i was not about to give up my hard earned money for something i had not seen yet. I told him i would call him i needed to think about it he wanted me to go to the bank right then he said he would follow me because this money would hold my spot, he called me three times and tried to sale me a house i dold him no thaks i changed my mind, he said if you come back out here with the money i will show you one of the houses i told him not at this time. It's sad that ppl want to take hard earned money from others when most of us are struggling to make it and all we want is something better for are kids. I drive a yukon xl 4 wheel drive.

Gas well spent if you know what i mean. From what im reading that about ppl that have lost there money dont give up get your money back, and I'm really sorry for the ones who did buy and the homes not worth it wow god bless you all.


People, you can fix your own credit. you dont have to give money to anyone.

just pull your credit report which is FREE and fix the issues yourself. Dont give money to crooks.

There is not one legal thing they can do. They are coning you out of your hard earned money.


Yea you would think this genius person would have googled the place because I moved out there from mesa and the drives only 45min...



I would refrain from paying the $500 earnest money until you have been shown a home and have been approved for your mortgage loan. I am in San Antonio, Texas and I was told by John Garza, an LGI salesman who is also a Texas State Represenative,that my earnest money would be refunded should I not qualify for a mortgage loan.

I did not meet the requirements for the loan and guess what? My earnest money was not refunded. On March 1st 2012, John Garza insisted that I pay the earnest money immediately. He was so resolute on getting this earnest money that he followed me from his LGI Homes office all the way to the bank and waited outside while I purchased the $500 money order.

Then a few weeks later, John Garza quit LGI Homes and I was left out in the cold. I spoke with several sales people: Roger Villa, Marjan and a supervisor of sorts named Parker Scott all of whom promised to help. Roger Villa stated that the money was used to pay for credit repair. Yet to my knowledge no credit repair was done.

Parker Scott told me on the phone that he needed to speak to the attorneys of Houston and would call me back within the hour but never heard from him again. My emails have been ignored. Marjan said that the money was actually used "to lock in the price on the property." My question is "what property?" I hadn't been shown any property, site, or lot. At any rate everyone was telling me something different.

It seems like no one could get their story straight. LGI Homes has a form called TBD contract (to be determined contract). This form states that the earnest money will be deposited in Escrow. I don't know but how much more vague can you get than a to be determined form but I signed it because John Garza told to me, and I quote "if you don't get the financing we will refund your earnest money anyway, don't worry." I found out that a Mike Snider is the president of LGI Homes.

I tried contacting him but to no avail. These people are all the same, they lie and use high pressure tactics to have you sign all the forms at once without discussing their content or implications. I was told that the earnest money if paid immidiately would "speed up the buying proess." I am totally disgusted with LGI Homes for duping me this way. I am a 100% disabled veteran and can not afford to pay $500 for nothing.

Oh, and to the skeptic out there: I am not a realtor or competitor of LGI Homes. I am a victim and these shysters took me on a $500 ride to nowhere.


Has anyone that has purchased a home in the Quail Run Community in Sanger, Tx had any of these issues, because my husband and I were thinking about burying a home in that community, but after reading all of these reviews we are thinking twice about it.


Don't do it run, run run. If you want to experience how strong there sale pitch is and how before you sit down they have the paper work at your table go check it out and leave.


I paid $500 dollars back in February 2012 to fix my credit... their attorney called me after they received money order and paperwork..

she gave me instructions on what to do and what was going to happen from that point. She also stated that I was not going to hear from her for 60 days... well after 95 days I contacted LGI and they told me my paper work was never received even though I got a phone call from their attorney confirming they received my paperwork and money order. The LGI sales person had my file in his hands, with my paperwork and confirmation FAX cover sheet that all my paperwork was sent...

after going back and forth with LGI and their attorney, they finally admitted they dropped the ball... they said they would take care of me....its now October... and I still have not heard one word from them.... what a rip off...I guess it was too good to be true....

take my advice... save your money....its a scam...

@RIP OFF!!!!!

I am sorry to hear of all the problems you had. I am a Realtor, and I strongly suggest you use a Realtor who work for YOU, to protect you and look out for your best interest.

@RIP OFF!!!!!

I've decided to pass on the LGI Holmes credit repair program. It's really sad because we've been trying everything to fix our credit.

And all we want is a nice home for our kids. But I truly appreciate your input.

I will hold on to my $500 and put it towards continuing to fix my credit. Thank you!


I can not believe that LGI Homes would take money from a disabled veteran and not deliver on their promises. It seems to me that LGI Homes has no scrupples, no ethics, no honor.

Our disabled veterans deserve to be treated with respect and honesty. I would advise disabled veteterans and potential home buyers to stay away from LGI Homes, I know I am.


NO ETHICS for sure. I find this $500.00 charge like the destination fee you pay on a new vehicle. Do your respearch people.


I did the credit repair process with LGI and was able to move into my beautiful new home after 6 months! My credit was pretty bad due to some old medical bills and credit cards.

I could not believe that it was actually true. LGI is truly a miracle worker.

You must have done something wrong during the process for the credit repair not to work? Because mine was horrible and now I am a happy home owner!!!!

@Home owner

and I bet you work for LGI



Ha that's funny. I was thinking the same thing.