I am Very Dissatisfied Disappointed

With LGI

When I did My walk thru I Pointed out What needed to Be Fixed.Blue Tape from Up Stairs to Down Stairs. They assured Me Everything would Be done.By the Time I sign my Papers.Nothing was Done.

When I called the Office to let them know. They send The same Guy that did the walk thru with Me.He had an Attitude.I told Him I have Wasp in my Attic The Cable Guy couldn't finish what He had to do.When I told Him you didn't Correct none of errors that was Pointed out in the Walk thru.He tells Me I have to File a Claims told Him No I will Not.This is on You'll.Iwas Pissed.Called the Office Again.

Nothing was Done.

I went around to the Office Again

They sent Dave.Carroll. Dave.Carroll comes to the House I was showing Him what all need to be done.My Banister Up stairs has a Split in it.It was their when I did the walk thru.Dave .Carroll goes you have to File a Claim.I told Him No.We got into it.

Dave.Carroll sent Me a Text Saying :He has a Painter.I told Him Now what is a Painter gonna do.I need Someone that knows what they are Doing.

On the Text Dave.Carroll sent it said the Painter will be there between 12&2pm This was on a Monday.Dave.Carroll shows up to my house the next Morning at around8am.

He had a Nasty Attitude.Dave.Carroll goes Do you want the stuff fixed or not.First of all. You will Not Talk too Me like that.

Dave.Carroll had this whole Hispanic Family come to my House.My Banister is a Different Color.I want my Banister Fixed Correctly.

Location: Dallas, Texas

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