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While attending a sales presentation by an LGI Sales rep, I was asked to pick out which of their "Core values" stood out. I picked Ethical Behavior. The sales rep then (after walking me thru the each of their "wall hanging")started telling me how I could buy a house for someone by claiming I was to use it as my primary residence when in fact I would NOT be moving into it!! I do not consider that ETHICAL BEHAVIOR. It was a scam to get someone in a house that they patently could NOT afford. But of course it would get him and his company a sale, a commission and a loan referral fee.

NOT very ethical behavior, LGI Homes.

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LGI is a complete joke. This was the worst experience I've ever had.

You go house shopping to compare, and not ONE home builder except them has ever asked me to give them money before looking at a house, are you kidding?! I actually spoke with the sales manager Roger Villa and he was so rude and had a nasty smirk on his face mimicking me when I told him I didn't feel comfortable handing him 500 dollars. I noticed tons of graffiti as I left the neighborhood too, glad I didn't budge!

Stay away from this ghetto and sleazy sales people!! :eek


Would you pay $500 to test drive a car? There are lots of builders out there; do they ask for earnest money upfront?

Doubt it. Earnest money is due when you write a contract.


i would not buy a home from LGI again. they are worthless.

quality is subpar at best. i bought a NEW home that had many problems with it electrical plumbing siding recently had to replace a back door from water damage that they came out 3 times to TRY to fix. i had to have Lowes install it that cost me out of pocket, just for him to tell me there was no weather barrier behind the base of the home that should not have passed inspection. now i am dealing with another problem that they did not do right or fix.

and the inspector they used is no longer appointed meaning he stepped down or was asked to considering the amount of people in my subdivision that had problems with poor building quality i would say the latter. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITH LGI IT IS A BAD INVESTMENT.


i have been looking into buying a LGI home in Pearland, TX. The staff is nice but they will NOT let you look at home unless you give them earnest money.

Yes $500.00! I would like to at least see what I am getting before I put my money up. I have a appt to go back w/ my money and at that time I can view a home. I even called my rep and ask "can i see a home so I will know if thats what i want or even like the home before i give up my money" i was told by rep wait until your appt.

Well i will go to my appt so i can see the homes before i rule them out but I am not giving up any money until i see a home and if i cant they just lost my business... 7/10/2011


Its funny how LGI has people talking *** about people with negative reviews.


Well, i bought a home from LGI Homes and am very happy with them.


Let me assure you, LOU, it is not BS. This was my first and only interaction with LGI Homes and have no reason to BS their operations. This situation was also reported to their management!!


Sounds like ***. Go check yourself I smell ur b.s.