Roswell, Georgia
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I was going to maybe look into LGI, until I went on line and read bbb and reviews on other websites. As far as BBB, they answer the complaint, except the advertisement/sales complaint.

they cant, because their true. Also, it seems, unfortunately for me, that most of their issues are in the Atlanta Ga office, and some in florida. from looking at different web sites, it seem the Atlanta office is the major culprit in the lies, and hiding things from consumer.

who's ever heard of buying a home, or even really discussing one, if they don't even have a home to look at.

Reason of review: sales team not reliable.

LGI Homes Cons: Bad sales reviews.

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I recently made a visit to LGI homes, trying to gain info on how things are done there. The woman who assisted me was very nice, but what didn't made sense to me was.....she was so ready to run my credit and put me into a home.

I asked to see a model home, she said she couldn't show until she sold it to me. Weird thing to me was...

my thought "hey lady, wouldn't you think that I would like to physically see what I would buy first?" I want a home, but not to buy then view later. I don't know anyone foolish enough to do that.


Dumb comment. LGI Homes is no different from a real good realtor, who pre-qualifies the customer prior to viewing homes. Why waste time with someone who can't qualify, but just wants to look.