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I have several issues dating back ti April 2017. 1st off my A/C was cracked and 1 week after I moved in it leaked all though my attic and came through the ceiling doing minor repair which has yet to be done they only repaired the pan which the repair man dropped my unit from the attic damaged the wall and my door frame which need to be replaced and I have waited and waited in the mean time other things that have happened I wanted to spray for pest so I contacted the pest control they come out but they cant spray why?

I ask because you dont have a port boy if that wasn't a headache from you know where the was the quickest they have ever moved because it was a signed contract they cut my house in half wait til you see the pictures they had to cut *** in my carport to make sure that they did not install it still waiting on those repairs it has been 3 months plus when they nailed my house back together they knocked out putty and cracked sheetrock in the inside of my NEW HOME and still have not come to repair it I have made apt after appt. matter of fact they were supposed to come Tuesday and Wednesday of this week to do a lot of the repairs and guess what NO CALL NO SHOW NO CONTACT of any sort.

then my back yard washes away along with several other homes and all I get for answers is that you have to expect that it come with the territory TELL THAT TO THE COUPLE WHOSE KID FELL IN THIER BACKYARD HOLE AND COULD NO NOT GET OUT THEY ARE STILL WAITING ON REPAIRS My water meter in my front yard keeps washing and the hole keeps getting bigger and bigger and they have been made aware of same and I was told no worries I will be out Monday that was two weeks ago still again a no show no fix no nothing THIS IS A LEMON AND I STILL CAN NOT BE HAPPY WITH ALL THE REPAIRS THAT ARE NEEDED BEFORE MY WARRENTY EXPIRES THEY ARE NOT GOING TO BE DONE THERE IS NO WAY BECAUSE THEY KEEP PUUTING HOUSES UP AND ARE WORRIED ABOUT THOSE TIL THE PEOPLE GET IN.. BUYER BEWARE DONT TAKE ANYTHING BY VERBATUM MAKE THEM WRITE IT DOWN AND WHATEVER YOU DO MAKE SURE YOU GET IN WRITING FROM MAINTAINCE AS WELL I HAVE SOME OF MY STUFF DOCUMENTED BUT MOST OF IT HAS BE BY WORD AGAIN BUYER BEWARE.

Product or Service Mentioned: House Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $25000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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It is an LGI tactic to delay repairs until any warranty runs out ... or the people wear out and just fix things themselves.