Austin, Texas

I never wrote a review before but after what happened to us, I could not resist. We just bought and closed on our first home. We were living in a apartment like most people I imagine. They walked us through the whole process and help our hands the whole time. I even had a little bump on my credit a few years ago and they were understanding about it. I love my new home and the craftsmanship is great. We are paying less than we rented for in Austin. Prices are crazy now days and we are sick of out rent going up every year. We are so happy to be building equity and saving money now.

LGI is not your typical builder in that they do everything from marketing to building and developing the houses so they cut out the middle man and pass that savings on to us. Thats how we could afford a 2 story house for less that we were renting.

I love my new house!!!!!

Reason of review: Reliable warranty.

LGI Homes Pros: Sales rep.

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