Spring Hill, Florida

Don't know what all these bad reviews are but I just bought an LGI home 2 months ago in the Sherman Hills FL community and have nothing but good things to say. Yes they do pull your credit when you come out to look. Why? Well you have to understand they are catering to first time homebuyers who aren't exactly people with an 800 credit score. As a salesperson, would YOU really want to waste half a day with someone who is interested, but not qualified to get a mortgage? Also, yes, if you pass the pre approval process and want to sign a contract, you will be asked to put $1000 down right there. This is what holds your house for you. This amount also comes out of your closing costs, so you are not losing it unless you decide to cancel the contract. If you are turned down in financing, you get it back.

Everyone from the salesperson, to the loan person, to the office manager, and construction manager were nothing short of friendly & professional. We had a walk through on closing morning where EVERYTHING in and outside of the home was very thoroughly explained as to what it was and how it worked. A few very minor issues such as old *** looking mulch in the front, and a missing door stopper were taken care of while I was signing the paperwork during closing. Oh and also worth noting, the home appraised for $1900 less than what I signed the contract for. LGI dropped the price to match the appraisal.

Closing was fast and easy. The neighborhood is great, and we have no complaints. I understand not everyone is going to have the same experience as me, but just remember, people are always more likely to post a complaint online rather than a compliment, and so far, I have nothing but good things to say about our LGI experience. We are now homeowners with having to put only $1000 down and NO closing costs.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

LGI Homes Pros: Builder walk-through explaining maintenance of home, Nice homes, Location, Price.

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You surely must realize this contribution was created and posted by LGI Homes themselves. How transparent!

Thank god I read all the dozens of horrid stories regarding these swindling crooks. I went to their model site (which is not a model) and thought I smelled something fishy. Further research has me running as fast as I can from their development in Lakeland, Florida.

What a classless bunch of criminals! Due your research and you will run, not walk, away from these thieves.


Although we have not closed on a home with LGI, We had the same experience with our the visit...We felt that we understood everything that was being said and felt no pressure. We loved the presentation and also felt it is a waste of time to go through the entire presentation with browsers who may not qualify or are doing comparison shopping...

We are looking to complete the purchase at the end of the year due to an open lease. Congratulations.


about how long was the process


From signing of contract to closing was 60 days