This is the second home I've purchased from LGI. First one was in 2016 in Colorado and now this current home purchased in November 2020 in Leesburg, FL.

This second/current purchase has been a huge disappointment.

From numerous delays on my closing date, which was about 2 weeks later than scheduled on November 30, 2020 to current construction concerns throughout the home. Such as drywall cracks at pretty much all seams of the home, including 2 areas in the ceiling, that still have not been addressed by the construction manager (Mike), but the list continues and available upon request........ My biggest complaint/concern is not having insulation in the ceiling. For almost 6 weeks now my family and I have had to layer ourselves in clothes, raise our heater temperature to 78 degrees, purchase space heaters and have our young daughter sleep in our bed because there were many times that she was so cold.

Del-air did finally come out weeks after filing a warranty claim. But they found no problems with the HVAC system. Just 2 days ago, January 13, 2021 when I took some boxes to store in the attic that I found that our home has no insulation in the ceiling. After finding this, I immediately went to the Sales Office and spoke with Danielle who acted quickly and professionally and had this corrected the following day.

But now, here I am having to be responsible for an almost $300 electric bill that could of been avoided, if your construction manager was more attentive to his responsibilities.

I don't know who your recruiting advisors are for your company or even how they came about hiring this local construction manager you have representing this local LGI office, but I would really consider doing random evaluations and often because WHO pushes a home for inspection when obviously the home wasn't finished and overlooked.

I will address our County Office about their inspector passing our home and issuing a certificate.

I'm hoping to hear from someone very soon to have the ceiling cracks addressed before it gets any worse and there are more serious issues that may put myself or my family in any danger in this home.

I would appreciate and look forward to speaking to someone in a management position to address some other concerns so please have them contact me at xxx.xxx.xxxx and/or by email at xxxxxxxxxxx@***.com. .


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