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I have lived in my LGI home for 2 years. Overall, I am very pleased.

I had a couple minor issues found after move in. The two issues were dealt with very quickly. (paint drips, creaky stair step)

I filled out the warranty claim form online. Had a call and appt for repair the very next day in both cases.

3rd issue, after living there just over a year, when the warranty was expired, I noticed one of the toilets was cracked due to a bolt being over tightened. Same response as before. Put in warranty request, replaced the next day. (Warranty was about a month expired)

Overall the quality of the home is the same as many other low to mid range builders like Centex or Linar. LGI homes are pretty basic but the quality of the products used are good, but not great in my opinion. You have to spend a lot more money to get higher end wood cabinets, wood floors, etc. I expected veneered cabinets and cheap carpet. (Same grade you find in most builders homes) They call it builders grade for a reason.

LGI homes are not very expensive, and the pricing is all inclusive. They say they pay the closing for you, but really those costs are simply built into the homes price. Be sure to know and consider this when comparing homes. Also, don't bother negotiating. They sell only inventory homes, not custom, and the prices are the prices.

Just to compare, my parents bought a high end perry home and my... brother a centex home all about the same time:

1. We all have cheapo carpet that will last a couple years more at best.

2. We all have the same particle board veneered cabinets. LGI and Centex are even the same brand jst different color.

3. Perry home has much better tile, lgihting and windows of the three (custom upgrades)

4. Perry has the highest quality AC system.

5. Centex has the most warranty claims.. mostly cracked sheet rock.

6. LGI - no cracked sheet rock after 2 years. Perry home had a couple and centex has had several.

7. LGI has the least number of repairs after move in. Probably due to the fact it is the simplest of the homes.

8. LGI has the best customer service response... by far! Perry owner has had several emails with corp office for even basic request due to no responce from building manager.

9. LGI is the only of the three with fully insulated garage and garage door.

... list goes on.

In summary,

Each of us have likes and dislikes. As this was my first home, I am satisfied. They have a sales system set up to cater to folks with little to know down payment... ie first time home buyers, young people.

LGI was the least expensive per sq.ft. and was also the most basic of the 3 mentioned above, but holds good value because the products used and craftsmanship was as good as the others.

If you are looking for a basic home, with all costs financed in, then I say check out LGI. Other builders do this also, but LGI only does this. So if you have some cash on hand and like to negotiate, check out the other builders inventory homes. You can make great deals on these form what I saw when shopping.

In my case, the basic features, materials quality, location, lot size and inclusive pricing made the deal and I am happy with my purchase.

Many of the reviews here are clearly uninformed buyers. (that includes many of those of other builders) Do not be one yourself, or you will be "pissed" at any builder. Know the facts, do the numbers.

**I have literally found a negative review about LGI due to the outdoor light not working. The resolution was to replace the bulb.

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Thank you so much for this. My husband and I are in the process of getting a home through LGI and after reading reviews from the actual location I started getting cold feet. This is our first home and we have two little ones I have to think about.