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I drove three-hour to view a home example (open house ). I was given paper work and a brief tour in a book and the gentleman took my information walked off and left me sitting at a table for minutes while he talked to another family ,then came back said that out business was done and that I was lucky to have a VA Mortgage and moreover i didn't have or make enough money to live in these homes!

I a single woman an ive purchased a home in Killeen, texas i receive Social security and Va disability and have a side job cleaning and i manage my bills just fine .I never got a real your of the home just a sorry you came all this way for nothing!

I'm a good and decent hard-working individual it was No need to disrespect or embarrass me in front of other potential clients ....i was so embarrassed i cried on my way out of the door and he said i hope you understand ! I don't want to pull the race card but do you suppose he said those things because i was black ????

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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LGI Homes are discriminating against African Americans or just women. I had the same problem.

I called spoke to a representative over the phone and made an appointment. Asked a few questions to make sure this wasn’t a blank trip. I noticed they have a $0 down program. I figured it was a first time homeowner program.

Being this is not my first rodeo; I called to verify because I still qualify because it has been over 3 years since I was a home owner “on paper”. I asked many questions and the gentleman said “come on out we’re going to take care of you”. I drove a hour and thirty minutes to reach the subdivision. When I arrived, the Rep asked me did I have a realtor?

I said yes. I filled out the information slip. He sat me at a table. He walked away then came back and started informing me about the home owning process and fixed interest rates.

Which, I didn’t ask for. I never notated how much I make and he never asked. He ask how much I wanted to pay a month and I notated the amount of the floor plan I liked on the website. He then tells me in order for me to get a house I would need $60,000 down.

After he said I qualify for the program. He takes a sheet of paper out and starts writing & explaining that a $1100 morgage is going to cost me $1600. I already see and hear the BS, so I said ok. Then he goes on to try to discourage me from attempting to purchase an older home because of problems I will run into.

Then asked do you have any model homes to view because I would like to get a feel of the space in the floor plan. He flickered his hand over to the window slightly pointing out the window (this was a I don’t want to be bothered with you any longer gestures). Saying “We have some homes under construction in different stages. You’re welcome to go look at them.” I ask do you have any subdivisions in any other areas where I can see the floor plans.

He said, “no, not really; you shouldn’t bother yourself.” He then got up and showed me the door.

And took all the paperwork back with his estimates. I was the last person to walk through the door and the first out the door.


No, it has nothing to do with the fact that you are black. I am a realtor, and went into a sales office in Wimauma Florida to preview for my client.

I have never seen or met such an unprofessional, fast talking, pushy salesperson, actually he was the sales manager, and might add that he made any hard core used car salesperson seem like a choir boy.

I am so glad that I did not have my client with me, because I would have been embarrassed as to what she may have thought of my professionalism and bad decision regarding my choice of home builder. I will never step foot in that office again, plus I will suggest to my clients to look elsewhere.


Listen up. Although the writer used the phrase "pull the race card," she obviously wasn't highlighting racial issues as the focus her review.

This veteran's experience may have indeed been influenced by the color of her skin, and that is all that was alluded. Shame on ya'll for focusing on her willingness to share that information with those of us who may indeed face discrimination not on our income or credit worthiness, but because of our appearance.

To the writer - thank you for your honest review of your personal experience. I appreciate it.


No race card needed! He was just being a ***


I felt sorry for you up until that last statement...ugh...perhaps he should have kissed your butt for being black as opposed to being white??? Was he wrong yes..and he probably has a habit of saying things like that to have nothing to compare it too..he said nothing about your race...he said you were lucky to have a VA mortgage but you didn't make enough money to afford their is that racist?!?

It's not. rude yes...but not racist.

Those who immediately throw the race card to me are the racists...your mind immediately goes there before seeing any other reasons why...makes me wonder if your mind is narrow and focused on that one reason.." OH! It's because I'm black..." 9/10 times that's not the reason.


I think it was racist not as in race but financial, that is also racist


They are in Georgia now making their stops. Listed as in one city while they are in a whole different county.

Location listed on website is different than where they have the home. I called and he said it's 20 minutes from the location listed, but it's a different city and even county.

That alone was not right and then was mentioning a ranch and want me to come this weekend. They still sound as used car salesman tactics.


I'm reading all these comments,and I would like to know,why in the world someone hasn't turned lgi into the Better Business Bureau!! Everyone has something or someone they report to.


yawn.... again pulling the race card. youre black, get over it.


I see you all are touchy about race issues. But then again, you're in the great (red) state of Texas- coming from a group of people who clearly cannot relate.