Richmond, Texas

I have lived here a little over 4 years. I was upset at the realtor that I dealt with for making *** advice prior to my move in.

He told me not to move in my then fiance. I haven't had any big problems except the speeding in the neighborhood. I have had the same neighbors on both sides and in front since I moved in but there has been a bunch of people to move out because of the rising mortgage rates. When I first moved in my mortgage was $888 and a year later it went up to $1464.

When you are a single parent making decent money that jump put a huge dent in my savings account. I like the Richmond area and I work close by. The park has been vandalized several times which is saddening to the kids that actually use it for what it's worth. We have a patrol Richmond cop that is in our neighborhood most of the time.

I wish I would have done more research first before I moved here but I plan on renting out and moving in a few years. The floor plans are not worth the money.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You all don't know how much you are helping me. I was planning to use this company in Atlanta.

No should expect such a jump in their mortgage like that. Wish you well


How is your Mortgage rates going up? Are you not locked in a standard fixed 30 year mortgage?

If not, that is the problem.

Please clarify further. thanks!