San Antonio, Texas
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As a Texas State Licensed "Professional" Inspector, When a Buyer calls me for an Inspection on a LGI Home, I simply say that I will not be able to help on them out on this !

Everytime I have Inspected these homes in the past, The Construction Super wants to ARGUE about my findings ( Codes and T.R.E.C.

Rules ), Then flat refuses to do any repairs as Required and then tells the buyer that I don't know what I am talking about, So the buyer says Okay, then leave it like it is and we will buy it ?????????

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes House Construction.

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youre a liar.............liars burn in ***


i haven't had any issue woth LGI they are working wiith me through out the closing process,great service! wished i could move in my brand new home


Bravo, Mr. Tan.

I am sure what you do is sending sheivrs down the spine of every unethical product pushing insurance agent. These agents should know that they can't *** the consumers anymore and the consumers are fighting back .

The consumers can now see the true color of their trusted agents and realised that they were not as sincere and truthful as they claimed.The agents who depended on emotive and non financial tactics will be exposed soon and that the commission and money was behind all those nice things they showed to their clients. They will exposed as phoney and sham.


Has anybody purchases a lgi home while currently living in another state


I find it interesting that you put " " around the word professional.


Its funny how LGI has people talking *** about people with negative reviews.


Hey true professional, are you still mad because they did not hire you? Quit making stuff up, lgi has good quality homes.

U must be thinking about Brighton homes. :sigh


*** don't you have homes to sell lol rip people off


LGI employee


Garbage quality! Sloppy craftsmanship and horrible service!

Schedual n cheap is the drive. The ppl that are incharge of building are maybe in there early 20’s and the ppl building it cant be but 18 and dont speak english


I have live in my LGI home for 22 months. I have only 2 minor problems and the were addressed and repaired in less than 24 hours.These people are great, they build afformable homes and they respond to any repairs the same day.

I have have owned 6 houses in my time.

One which my husband and I actually bilt ourselves. LGI IS GREAT

A True Professional

Maybe they started putting a "Thermal Expansion Tank" on the Hot Water Heater when there is a "Pressure Regulator"-- Since the (2) work together as a Team

( U.P.C. and All other codes since before 2003 ) and Maybe they started having ALL Non-G.F.C.I. outlets protected by Arc-Fault breakers ( N.E.C. and ALL other codes since 2008 ) Just to name a few out-right code Violations / Deficency's,

If so that's Great !!! Maybe they did listen to me and others...

If you dont what I am talking about, Sorry I identify and explain all this type info. in my Reports.


Which neiborhood were these houses in????


I am purchasing a lgi home and i had it inspected by a reputable licenced inspector and he found very minor things like caulking that needed to be done better. I do not doubt your professional service, but maybe you have had a different experience withthese people than i have.