Buckeye, Arizona

We looked into LGI Homes enticed by the no money down and low mortgage payments. We were pre-approved and everything looked good.

Until they crunched the final numbers and we weren't approved! Now we are getting the run around! The guy we were originally speaking to said we never mentioned our new van or the fact I wasn't working. Untrue!!

We mentioned to him and HE failed to mention it to the mortgage company. They say they are trying to work the numbers to get us approved but its been a week. They fail to get back to us and we have to call them. It seems they are trying to do whatever they can to place the blame on us and they don't have to give back our $500!

I will repeat! Integrity my butt!

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it sounds like they dont know how to do the numbers like a real underwriter.. they need to factor dept to income & verify employment and credit score.

i bet they did a quick excel doc figure instead of factoring everything from your credit report. i have seen some people do short cuts like that and in the big picture some get denied when it gets to the bank and then the ones that get approve well its not their real time income.

so make sure you see the factors they gave the bank prior to submission.


remember only YOU can fix you credit fact :roll :roll :x



Little OLD LADY, I AM BACK,NOW IF LGI CAN ANSWER A COUPLE PROBLEM, WHY DO WE HAVE MOLE GROWNING IN OUR THING CALL House,not just us but some people in Creekside,do not even know it,if they see or hear have it check,It is making me sick ,now I have to get a lawyer,to out of the sell that was in2009,DO NOT BUY FROM LGI,HAVE A LAWYER READ ALL PAPER WORK,have then check the electic plug,ours was glued in :?


Many consumers just don't take responsibility for their own actions. You should have looked into financing PRIOR to committing with any company.

I'm so sick of hearing how you all get ripped off. I'm a realtor and it is so simple, but you make it hard on yourselves for lack of self education. It's just like walking in to a store without any money in the bank, but you have your check book. So you write a check.

Is it the store's fault that you failrd to check on your own finances before shopping? Only you have control even after you shift responsibility to strangers. No such thing as paying for credit repair. Go to www.srdc.com.

for real assistance on the subject. Please know i am not with LGI. I'm simply a realtor who sees and understands both sides. Builders get blamed for the most ridiculos things.

It's time consumers educate themselves for five minutes prior to forking over hard earned money.

Credit scores change everyday. Pay bills on time, don't buy anything until you close on a home and most important GET A JOB!


For being a realtor, who should know simple common courtesy and customer rapport, you speak to the public as if you are better than anyone else. Not everyone is born to rich families, or born with the same intelligence as those of us with higher IQ's.

Shame on you for talking down to these people who put their trust in a supposedly legit business.

My IQ is 168, but I would never consider speaking in the manner you did to anyone...there are much nicer ways to get the information across without putting people down or making them feel like fools.