Dallas, Texas

I wanted to post because I had the total opposite experience then what people are posting here. We are closing on the 30th of June and it has been nothing short of awesome.

Loan application took an hour tops, granted we got them all the paperwork they needed but it was a breeze and Billy took the time to explain everything also stopping if we had any other questions.

Marty from LGI was absolutely perfect. No pressure at all, showed us all the floor plans, the expected monthly payment and answered all questions we had.

Yes the floors are vinyl but they look great and are covered for 10 years. At best if this bothers you for what you are getting in upgrades you can always change it out whenever it starts to wear down.

Calculating how much we are paying per square inch you really can't beat it.

We have double pane windows, insulation in the attic, walls and garage door, granite counter tops, excellent floor plan, and a whole bunch of other upgrades I can't think of right now that come in with the price.

I honestly think if you have a bad experience it's the associate you got. Marty over in Anna has been absolutely fantastic. No pressure at all and takes all the time needed to answer all of our questions.

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When we were purchasing there was no pressure at all. We closed two weeks after we walked in the door.

The house was (and still is) great. We immediately had the lawn sodded and a water softener installed. The house is very efficient.

But the neighborhood is a different story. Even though there is an HOA, you can't tell.

They only drive through once a month. There's cars parked on both sides of the street, sometimes in front of our house. The loose dog problem has decreased, but right after we bought our house it was very bad. We had to stop walking our own dog for her protection.

She's a small dog so we'd pick her up, but it's scary seeing a Pit Bull or German Shepherd charging full speed at you with its owner screaming its name. You don't know if you're about to be mauled.

Most were (relatively) friendly, but one attacked our daughter. There's fairly constant Sheriff Patrol activity, assaults, burglaries, couple of drug dealers, vandalism, car thefts...and they're not even finished building houses.


Where did you purchase your house?