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Back in OCT 2007 I bought my very first house with my wife from LGI. They gave me this great scam about their warranty and how great their houses were built and so how much I would love living there. Well lets just say all of that is a scam just to get you to buy. I had a problem with my sheet rock after just two months of living in the house it was actually starting to sag in the master bedroom and in the garage. I made a warranty claim on this issue and they tried to tell me that if they came out to fix my sheetrock at that time even though it was supposely under warranty then they would not do my 11 month sheet rock repair.They finally fixed it after i complained enought and threatend them with a lawsuit for not standing behind their warranty.

The second item was my bathroom vanity needed to be replaced due to improper installation and LGI TOLD ME THAT THEY WOULD NOT REPLACE IT EVEN THOUGH THE PROBLEM FELL UNDER THEIR WARRANTY COVERAGE. I once again had to actually go to the main sales office three times and raise *** about their sorry built house and finally about 4 months ago i got it replaced.

The foundation has a crack in it and my house is only 2 yrs old. Poor concret mix and poor personel who laid the foundation is the cause of it.

The third item is my ac unit every time that it turns on it smells like it is burning or it has mildew smell. They have came out three times and cant figure it out and now when it will cost them money to see what is wrong they want to say that i will have to pay for it to get fixed when they find out what is causing these smell. Probably installed wrong or cheap part.

These are just a few of the problems that i have had but before you buy from LGI *** HOMES please come to the back of nueces river loop in CREEKSIDE VILLAGE and just stop and ask people that live there about the house.


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Question: Does anyone else that own an LGI home have a problem with not being able to find any studs in their walls to hang pictures and other household wall decorations from? I have purchased two different stud finders and though they sound off that a stud is found, when you place a nail or wall hanger there it will go completely through because there is nothing there but Sheetrock.

I have used a nail as long as 2" and there is no stud there at all. I have so many nail size holes in the wall just trying to find a stud anywhere other than "corners: of the walls. This isn't the only complaint that I have but I feel this is an absolute critical complaint. Today (3/24/2017) the wind blew through really hard and I could feel the house vibrate even through the floor.

I think that they built these homes too cheaply and too quickly and a lot of things that should have been done were bypassed. I am basically afraid that if a true storm came though, my home would suffer some severe damage. I want to hire an independent person to come in and cut open a wall to see where the studs are, but do you think I should contact them first? On the home warranty site, there is no option to select that would allow you to raise the question of studs.

I anm at a lost at this point. Any suggestions?


Tottaly feel ya ! Having the same issues and haven't even lived here a year .

I'm so pissed . A/c was leaking in the ceiling they told me nothing was there .

3 times later I have a guy here to tell me it's been leaking oil on my ceiling this whole *** time . Ugh


How neat! Is it relaly this simple? You make it look easy.


Что можете сказать о гоовых площадках типа insales ? CMS там уже есть, домен, хостниг, техподдержка да и к тому же склад, доставка товаров.

Но имеется информация, что такие площадки тяжело раскрутить. а вывести в топ почти не реально.

Но трудозатраты, время и начальный капитал меньше у таких сервисов. Чо же лучше, создавать как вы описали или на готовой площадке?


LGI Sunrise Meadow - beware of *** neighborhood. They approve you sale your loan to another bank.

They make their money by approving everybody.

They will buy you out of your apartment lease knowing that you cannot afford to live in the house. Lots of foreclosures.


Go to the area's and see for yourself. Visit your home while under construction and ask questions.

Homes are all built by mexicans. You have to visit and monitor progress. I have visited other builders in my area, and they all use the same materials for the basic frame.

Meet the building foreman he is the key to the whole process. If he monitors the work and cares, you will get a decent house.


we are going to look at a home in stering lakes sunday, any bad reviews at that subdivision?

please advise!!

thanks in advance.....



I currently reside in Creekside Village, at the very back Llano River loop. If you value your money and do not want to get ripped off on your very expensive investment then STAY AWAY!

I can confirm the negative reviews are true. And I am pretty sure the positive ones are LGI themselves.


I think comments 1 and 2 might be from LGI themselves trying to build some credibility


I bought my LGI home in January and I have been more then pleased. Everything has been more than perfect. I'm sorry you had a bad experience but I really think you might be the exception and not the rule!


Was just wondering if your statements on all the items being installed wrong, or poor parts are based on knowledge or are you just guessing? Not trying to be rude, but I close on my LGI Home in 4 days and I hired an inspector to inspect my house and he said it was one of the best constructed houses he has ever seen.

He couldn't believe the quality. I also wonder if you hired an inspector before purchase?




Hi! I am looking at buying a home in Creekside Village right now and found your review insightful... do you currently reside in that subdivision?