Bossier City, Louisiana
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I bought my home with LGI in October, I did a thurough check in the house, did checks on the windows, lights, floors, cabinets, etcetera. I found a couple things that were done extremely quickly and poorly.

Recently, after my waranty exipred, one of my doors began to not close properly, my dish washer won't work properly, the sink and shower in one of my bathrooms won't work properly. Upon re-inspection, the hinges on the doors (yes ALL the doors) were set back in the frame... and instead of using 3 skrews per hinge to secure the door to the stud that holds the frame, they spackled over them to keep them in place. So now I have to break free the hinges and secure them properly, replace the pipes that lead to the sink in the bathroom, replace the tub in the same bathroom, replace the dishwasher, and the list just keeps going on and on and on.

Also its worth mentioning that the lights are only secured by one skrew. I would NOT recommend LGI homes to any perspective home buyer.

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How diverse is this community? What could the possible median income appear to be?

Is this more of a young family community? Is this a high crime area?


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