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My husband and I went the first week of December to check out LGI. When we got there we wanted to view the model homes.Sandra was our salesperson. She said she needed to run a credit check to see what type of home that we would qualify for. My husband is a veteran so we were going to use the VA loan. The credit check came back fine and they gave us a pre-approval to view the homes. We turned in all the necessary paperwork and process seemed to be moving quite fast. The VA came out and did an appraisal, which appraised for $7k less than what they were selling the home for. We received an email congratulating us on buying a new home and that we would be closing no later than Jan 4, 2016. This was a week before christmas. Needless to say we were both excited and told the family that we would be closing. I went by to drop off the earnest money. After that everything stopped. We started to get nervous when no one contacted us. We tried to reach out to them on several occasions and no one responded back. It wasn't until after the new year, 2 weeks after we were suppose to close when we get a call back from Sandra saying that she want to see if another bank would approve the loan. I asked her "what is going on with the VA loan" and "I thought we were approved". She said we were approved and this bank is good for lending and we would still be under the VA umbrella. We gave her the ok to try with the other lender. That took about another week or so we didn't hear anything from them. I tried calling the loan officer and Sandra and our calls were not returned. Finally I called back again and spoke with Sandra and she said that she was just about to call me, really? She told us that we were not approved and that they found something in our credit, the same thing that wasn't a problem because it was no longer an issue with the credit. Needless to say we were upset. (My discernment told me that something wasn't right when I dropped off the earnest check 12/22/15 but I ignored it, because I was caught up in the excitement that we were going to be new homeowners.) When I went to pick up the earnest money they were giving back, she apologized again and said that they could try again in a few months. Are you kidding me! I just responded with a no thank you and don't worry about it. Things happen for a reason. When one door closes, believe that another one will open in Jesus name! Truth of the matter is they did not want to take the $7k off of the home. I would have respected your honesty.

You can not play with folks lively hood! You don't know what type of position you can put someone in playing these types of games!


Do not be deceived; God can not be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. (Galatians 6:7)


Reason of review: Deceit.

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did you get your 1000 back??


Idk I had problem with my credit score bc for some reason my brother was on my account and he has terrible credit. Anyway we got a credit supplement n everything was ok.

My apprasial came back 4grand cheaper I was happy as ***.

I don't think that was the reason they want to sell homes and the apprasial is out of their control had nkthing to do w the VA laon.


Thanks for your information.


The exact same thing happened to my mother. But it dragged on for a year though.

Both houses th s t theyvsaid she qualified for they sold it and didnt tell her.

Then it was something about her credit. The salesrep are liars and untrust worthy.


That was dirty & deceitful of them. They will get what's coming.

I hate that happened to her.

Hopefully she is lead to the right team who will help her find her dream home! When one door closes another one always opens!


Wow my husband and I were told to come and pick out our house after being so called pre-approved and when we got there the sales person asked when did we get married and I told him and this changed everything he went into his office and came back with some bogus excuse about credit issues, it's like what are you kidding me I thought we were pre-approved and could pick out a house. This company needs to be stopped, their players.


That's right they do need to be stopped! I wanted to share my experience so people can see what type of company they are dealing with. Maybe if enough of us share it will detour future home buyers from wasting their time & energy on something that will never be.


Wow... Ive been through similar situation.

We will get our home, with the right deal! Thanks for sharing!


I'm sorry that happened to you. My goal was to reach people to let them know what was going on.

I'm pretty sure others have had this experience as well. That says a lot about the LGI.

I'm glad I could help. Hope this reach many people.