San Antonio, Texas
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I am still waiting to have some of the items in my home fixed. These are the same items I have spoken to you about several times (incl.

e-mail). A company dropped off base board pieces and said someone would be by in a few days. I'm not sure what they are for & are still laying in my yard where they were dropped off. My 1st contact about my home problems was over a month ago and some of them are still not fixed.

I am becoming very upset & disappointed with LGI and the service I have receive. I have not even been contacted about what has been & what still needs to be done. I want my stuff fixed like I was told it would be. I have tried to be understanding because I understand I am not your only customer, however, a month is unacceptable.

If this is not taken care of ASAP my complaint will go further.

Call me at 210-373-5236 to schedule. Do not just show up; I have spent enough of my time waiting for your services.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes Customer Care.

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thanks for the post. it's a big decision to purchase the right home.

I live in the SA area and visited and LGI home but have lots of questions. overall are you happy with your home now??


Would it be right to assume this was taken care of and all is well, as there are no other postings from Sarah?