San Antonio, Texas
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Buying a lgi is like buying a time share, before they show you anything they want all your info. I was told the prices start at x so I asked for a price sheet so I could see what price was would for what sq ft home to get an idea, I was told it would matter because the prices were going up by 3000 on monday then I would come with the price sheet and complain that it was wrong.

I guess lgi's prices depend on who is buying or whatever they feel like charging that day.

Only builder that I know that will not show a model until you commit. Just go back 8 months later and pick up the house on repo for 50k less if you really have to have it.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

LGI Homes Cons: Poor service, Secretive, Poor customer service, Disgusted.

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Well it's too bad you only qualify for a 50,000 house. Maybe you should stick to the West Side alum you live in.


Are you an employee for the company? I just got off the phone with a sales rep and I'm really reconisdering going to see the community. You are representing your company.


I agree I just left there and I felt like y arm was being twisted to buy a timeshare. I'm happy i know how to say NO and I'm not in a rush to buy a home. The sales rep kept tryingto get me into a home and sign some paper after I told him I didn't like the location because it's too far from my family.


LGI doesn't help people that kick tires. You come to buy or go waste someone esle's time.


Ahh, there you go, haha. All these unprofessional "anonymous" replies are from offended LGI employees. 2EZ!