LGI Homes seemed to be a nice, affordable community close to First Colony, yet far enough out of the big city. Buying this home is the biggest mistake my husband and I could have made. I have several complaints with this company and I hope I can recap them all in this short "pissed consumer" complaint forum. This complaint is long, but please read it in its entirety...a home is a huge purchase so be an informed buyer!

Let me start off by saying that the advertised 599.00 per month is totally false, but I knew that before I even went out to look at the neighborhood. No one can sell a house for that price, and if you think you can buy one at that rate...you are naive. My husband and I have an average middle-class income, (I am a teacher, and he works for a major bank corporation), and I know we could have purchased a nicer house in a nicer neighborhood but we wanted to keep things simple for our first house so we could build up our savings. We purchased the "Blanco" floor plan which is about in the middle of the variety of plans available to choose from, and our monthly mortgage (including insurance, taxes, fees) is $1100.

To address the problems since we purchased our home a year ago I will start with what you can expect on a daily basis while residing here. Our main complaint is the noise within the neighborhood. At all hours of the day and night you will hear BOOMING bass from vehicles driving into the neighborhood. Now-- I am no old lady who nit-picks about everything...I am 26 years old and I have to admit I like to listen to my music in my car loud, but I do so respectfully. I do not drive down residential streets with my car windows down blaring my stereo. But apparently most people that live in this neighborhood don't offer that sort of consideration. I can understand maybe standing outside...going to the mailbox and hearing someone's stereo--- but to be in my home, watching TV and still hear it drives me nuts. I often wonder to myself, why did such people want to move here?? I moved here from Houston where I heard that on a daily basis, and I wanted to move FAR OUT to avoid those that were less courteous. Our neighborhood is surrounded by farms and cow pastures, you would imagine it being a serene existence. The reality is far from it.

The construction traffic coming in and out of the neighborhood is also a real problem. I totally understand they are still building houses...but at 3am when 30 cement dump trucks come barreling down the street and wakes you up from a dead sleep you begin to wonder what the sales person meant by..."We are committed to exceptional customer service before, during and after the close of each of our homes." HMMM, I wonder if they think that waking everyone in the neighborhood up for an hour and a half in the middle of the night "exceptional service"?? I have called the construction office about this many times before and the rude woman on the phone practically laughs...apparently she doesn't live here and had a restful nights sleep with the energetic "I could care less" tone to her voice. I have also brought up the speed of the construction trucks going through the neighborhood in front of the children's park to the LGI staff with a similar blow-off response. I often wonder why they built a park at all-- I certainly wouldn't let my child play there; the side walk is less than 2 feet from the street where the dump trucks race 45+ miles an hour.

I could go on and on about the problems that we have had here. My husband and I used to live in an apartment and thought we had it bad but we had no idea that owning a home could trap you into even worse problems...and we are in it for the long haul, no leaving after a 6 month lease like an apartment. I can honestly say that buying our house in this neighborhood has been one of the biggest regrets I have ever had. My husband and I will be stuck here for a long time since the housing market is so bad if we sold now we would probably not even get what we financed it for.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $136.

Location: Houston, Texas

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I have an Obra Home have been in it going on 10yrs. LGI moved in my neighborhood and are building 12or more homes at a time.

I watched them pour 6 foundations Tuesday they were finishing some up at 9:30pm at night. 5am there were semi deliveries next to my house delivering framing supplies. They started building the frames on these foundations at 7am. No cure time on the foundations and no inspection before building.

There was no way they were inspected from 9:30pm to 7am the next morning. I feel for whoever buys these homes.


Oh and another thing - of course your final payment isn't $599 a month. The mortgage house payment is - so LGI didn't lie to you.

The rest is taxes and upkeep which clearly would not be something LGI would market. They are selling you the house itself. Does a car dealer include the cost of car insurance and gas in the payment THEY advertise?

Of course not. Your review shows nothing but your own ignorance - nothing bad on the part of LGI.


This is a very helpful review. Why?

It shows there is nothing wrong with the actual house, and that LGI builds good homes. This buyer should have done her due diligence before buying in this community, but since the builder is usually not the DEVELOPER of the community, her issue is really with the developer. (The developer is probably in charge of the HOA until the community has been completely built out.) As far as neighbors blasting music, that's an issue you take up with the HOA not the builder. The cement trucks - same thing - HOA.

Maybe even with the police since it's probably in your deed restrictions that the builder cannot do that.

Good luck. By now you can probably sell the house and recover your money.


I completely agree, im glad im buying one of their houses now (second home owner)....This girl has to wake up to the real world.


What does booming music have to do with the builder wake up stop being ***!!!


I myself was in the process of purchasing a home from LGI in Rosenberg, but before i signed any papers i would occasionally drive by the construction site where my "new" home was being built. As i checked the house thoroughly starting from the foundation...WTF!?!...what foundation is THIS??

i was thinking...cracked on both sides of the house, would cost me up the *** to fix! Not to mention the beer cans in the front yard inside styrofoam cups...yeah...no one can see that! some where just in plain view. Sure, just drink on the job LGI doesn't care that you're building a house on POOR foundation...as i walk in the house, i don't really notice anything wrong...oh wait YES I DO!

the floor is not level in parts of the house, the double pane windows don't shut properly, they're holes in some walls that are proof of POORLY done work! SERIOUSLY! I will NOT be signing any closing papers after what i just seen, oh and some ppl would say thats what your 10 yr warranty is for...NO! For me if there are problems in PLAIN VIEW of a "new house" then what makes you think that their problems you can't see?


is enough for me. I'M GETTING MY $500 BACK!


I have been through this neighborhood watching the construction of these houses, 2 times a week every week since the end of May 2014. I have never seen one person drinking on the job there.

I have seen the beer cans and know for fact that they were drank at the end of the day usually only Friday. You will also notice there are 1-2 cans of the same type but several different types. Each man has a (as in 1)at the end of the day. These people work outside all day everyday if they want a beer at the end of the day I'll buy it for them.

The foundation issues you point out, they are using the exact same process and concrete that every other builder has to use.

Look that one up. They must be inspected before and after they pour. If you have issue with how they are doing it these days stay away from anything on a slab made before the mid ninety's

I have owned houses in the past. New construction, and those built in the 1800's.

I have renovated, and made improvements on these houses. There is typically no difference between the builders. They are building houses fast at a low cost. They buy materials in large lots from several suppliers that may change over the course of a few years.

That means that the first houses built in any development will be different than the last.

As far as neighborhoods, when buying a house you should go and walk around the neighborhood you are thinking about buying into. If you don't it is your own fault. Research your purchase, go there several times repeatedly, at all hours of the day and night.

Yes these are not million dollar homes, with gold fixtures, and talking appliances. They are planned community homes just like they advertise, nothing more. If you have a problem with financing that would be your problem not the builders. As I said I have been through this neighborhood all sections of it 2 times a week every week for months.

I already have people I know here now. When I decided to buy in this development, I have had not one problem.

If you really want to know what people think of these homes go talk to the people that live there. Not the people ranting on a website that don't have their lives together enough to know actually work they should do before they buy a house.

But hey what do I know?


Im the original poster on this complaint page. I did do my research, however in 2006 when I bought my LGI Home in Sunrise Meadow, we were among the first few blocks of houses built.

There was no one to talk to. The builder said the smallest homes woukd be 2-car garage 3-bedroom homes.

A year after we moved in we saw that was a lie as they started building 1-car garage, 2-bedroom "shacks". My complaint was a small glimpse of the massive disappointment our home purchase was, and the deception the builder practices.


Beware of sunrise meadows in Rosenberg. We are still trying to get our 500 earnest money back.

We were told it was 100% refundable, and that it would be given back to us if we could not get VA financing through them with all closing expenses covered by them, and he told us several times- It could be as soon as tomorrow. Because he made it seem as if it was actually in the works I txt him several times asking for updates and was told every time that he would ask his supervisor in a few days and get back to me. I don't allow people to give me the runaround so we came back that weekend and asked for our earnest money back because they were unable to provide the VA financing with all closing costs covered. We were told that they do not EVER offer to cover closing costs with a VA loan and that they never would.

So- we were flat out lied to so that they could get our money. We were then told they could not give us our money and to come back because the magic man able to return our money wouldnt be in till monday. I told them that my husband worked and it would be me, his legal wife that signed some of the paper work, picking up the check. They told me that since my name wasnt on the check ( my name IS on the account) they would not allow me to pick up the check.

They didnt want to chance that I was stealing the check. So Friday I told my husband he would be wise to call them before making the drive out there because I learned they are NOTORIOUS for keeping peoples money when promising to return it. He called and was told the man that could return our money was not there and would return in the morning. Come back then.

Saturday he showed up and was told the man was not there, come back in an hour.

An hour later he was then txt and told not to bother coming because the man was not there and that we should just sit and wait until that man happened to come in. I am filing a complaint with the better business bureau, we never would have given them a single penny if we had not been lied to about them paying all closing costs with a VA being available in a few days.


Thank you all for your comments. I came close to buying a home from LGI around 2006/2007.

However, my life circumstances changed so I did not purchase the house. Now, my life has some order and I had an appt to view a home in San Antonio, TX from LGI. I decided to read some reviews and your reviews have been an eye-opener. There are far more negative comments than positive ones.

You all have made me stop and think, then think again and then think again about LGI as bulders.

I will not be purchasing a home from them. Once again THANK YOU!!


Most of these complaints are laughable!!! "the side walk is less than 2 feet from the street".

All side walks are around two feet off all roads. How many concrete company's are open at 3:00a.m. I can see all of the concrete workers out in the community working in the dark throughout the night. Hey it's 3:00 in the morning time for a break let's turn on some music.

"I often wonder why they built a park at all-- I certainly wouldn't let my child play there; Hey kids don't suppose to play in the street or on the sidewalk, play in the community park, it's a lot further away from the road than 2 feet. we had it bad but we had no idea that owning a home could trap you into even worse problems...and we are in it for the long haul, no leaving after a 6 month lease like an apartment." REALLY!!!!

Please do not think all 1st Time Home buyers are as ignorant as some of these on here with some of these *** complaints.


So your complaint isnt with LGI but about the neighborhood??


I have lived in my LGI home for 2 years. Overall, I am very pleased.

I had a couple minor issues found after move in. The two issues were delt with very quickly. (paint drips, creeky stair step)

I filled out the warretny claim form online. Had a call and appt for repair the very next day in both cases.

3rd issue, after living there just over a year, when the warrenty was expired, I noticed one of the toilets was cracked due to a bolt being over tightened. Same responce as before. Put in warrenty request, replaced the next day. (Warrenty was about a mounth expired)

Overall the quality of the home is the same as many other low to mid range builders like Centex or Linar. LGI homes are pretty basic but the quility of the products used are good, but not great in my opinion. You have to spend a lot more money to get higher end wood cabinets, wood floors, etc. I expected vaneered cabinets and cheap carpet. (Same grade you find in most builders homes) They call it builders grade for a reason.

LGI homes are not very expensive, and the pricing is all inclusive. They say they pay the closing for you, but really those costs are simply built into the homes price. Be sure to know and comsider this when comparing homes. Also, dont bother negotiating. They sell only inventory homes, not custom, and the prices are the prices.

Just to compare, my parents bought a high end perry home and my brother a centex home all about the same time:

1. We all have cheapo carpet that will last a couple years more at best.

2. We all have the same particle board vaneered cabinets. LGI and Centex are even the same breand jst diffent color.

3. Perry home has much better tile (custom upgrade)

4. Perry has the highest quality AC system.

5. Centex has the most warrety claims.. mostly cracked sheet rock.

6. LGI - no cracked sheet rock after 2 years. Perry home had a couple and centex has had several.

7. LGI has the least number of repairs after move in. Probably due to the fact it is the simplist of the homes.

8. LGI has the best customer service responce... by far!

9. LGI is the only of the three with fully insulated garage and garage door.

... list goes on.

In summary,

Each of us have likes and dislikes. As this was my first home, I am satisified. They have a sales system set up to cater to folks with little to know down payment... ie first time home buyers, young people.

LGI was the least expensive per sq.ft. and was also the most basic of the 3 mentioned above, but holds good value becasue the proucts used and craftmenship was as good as the others.

If you are looking for a basic home, with all costs finaced in, then I say check out LGI. Other builders do this also, but LGI only does this. So if you have some cash on hand and like to negotiate, check out the other builders inventory homes. You can make great deals on these form what I saw when shopping.

In my case, the basic features, materials quility, location, lot size and inclusive pricing made the deal and I am happy with my purchase.


What happened to the idea of using correct grammar and punctuation and spelling when writing?

The OP sounded great, most of the commentators sound retarded. Really people?

Is it that hard to write in complete sentences that can be understood by native English speakers or those who use English as a second language? If the people who own or have lived in LGI homes are as ignorant as you all well...good luck.


u r ***!


Ignorant: 1.Lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated. \ UNEDUCATED!! Like you ***&^%%$


You are very cruel and ignorant too.





I have been in an LGI home since 2007.

1. The foundation is cracked

2. The driveway has several cracks

3. The fence has fallen down twice

4. The sewage pipe has shifted because of the movement of the ground

5. The mirror in the guest room bathroom has fallen off the wall.

6. from the mirror falling the vanity is chipped

7. the vinyl on the floor has a gouge (I was told that they cannot repair this)

MUST I GO ON??? :sigh



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