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Well, this company claims to sell homes for 0 down payment. First LIE.

Second, they claim that you will pay less from buying one of their homes than for paying rent. Second LIE. Once they agree to follow up on your purchase they make you pay your earnest deposit of 500.00 and they'll take cash or check. The sales person will even take you to the ATM to withdraw, and it is NOT REFUNDABLE.

Once the process begins, they give you a closing date of approximate a month after you sign your contract. Well, I had all paper work according to what they requested, they verified down payment money in my account and make you do so many random things like moving money from savings to checking accounts. At the end, the month or closing date came and they did not have everything ready. I had my lease ending at my rental place and they still could not get me to close.

After all those rounds and back and forth, and false illusions I could not wait anymore for them. I ended up canceling my purchase because of their lack compromise with one as a customer. I finished by speaking with the Ameripro Funding person and telling her about my decision. Obviously, my 500.00 were gone, and the sales person did not even call back to say what was the reason for the delay or what the problem was.

I forgot to mention when signing the contract, they make you sign that they will not file a sue against you nor you will file a sue against them.

It was a great loss of my time and hopes on purchasing a home! In part I am glad, because now I know they sell their homes for much more that what they are really valued!

Monetary Loss: $500.

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I just purchased a home in Mallard Crossing/Hockley Area,and my experience was wonderful. Everyone moved swiftly and purposely to get me into my new home.

I would definitely recommend the Mallard Crossing Community, as they were so helpful and informed. I was just going to look and ended up buying!!!!

I love my new home and all the ammenities. I'm not sure about LGI's other communities, so I cannot voice an opinion, however if they are anything like the Reps at Mallard Crossing, you won't be disapointed.


Earnest Money is exactly what the names says. You are signing the contract in earnest.

Homebuilders as well as homeowners have to financially protect themselves when selling a home. If these people would actually READ their contracts they would understand that you only get the earnest money back if you don't qualify for financing. The builder or seller is paying carrying costs everyday until the buyer under contract closes on the home.

If sellers didn't require earnest money every clown in town would sign a contract and continue shopping costing the sellers a lot of money. I hope this sufficiently defines earnest money for everyone.


FYI: to everyone, You need to check your Credit Report first for FREE, can get a free CR annually! All old debts, collections over 8 years should be gone!!!

Bankruptsy is now 10 years.

You can do this yourself. Also you may have agreed not to sue BUT you can still file a Complaint with Texas Real Estate Commission AND the Texas Attorney General\'s Office.


CAN file a compliant with Texas Real Estate Commission. Never heard of an Earnest Money deposit being absolutly Non refundable?

but must read all the fine print. But, if THEY violated the agreement in any way..

you Should be able to get your $500 back. Also can file with the Texas Attorney General.


We paid the $500. - saw the house AFTER paying. Not crazy about the location but

figured we couldn't beat the deal. Not sure

about anything at this point. Worried due to

above comments. Don't like renting, but don't

want to but into a costly, losing home either.

LGI seems too slick & don't like them selling

our loan to new mtg. co. so fast. ?? !!!


LGI Sunrise Meadow - worst neighborhood - be glad you din't buy a house here. Waste of money.


I went to look at Sterling Lakes. I did not see a home, because I was not ready to spend the time or the money to see a home.

It seems that if you are ready to buy, then go for it, but what I don't like is that you don't get the chance to look at the quality of their work before you make a decision. You may be approved, but not want to purchase a home. I just made the decision to not even consider purchasing a home from them. Did ask about the amenities.

With the Gated Community, 24 hour guard, Jr. Olympic Pool with Splashpad, Streets and Street light expenses and landscape and management costs, their current fees are over $800.00 a year and in my experience that will go up over time or if they do build out like they plan, then will stay in that range.

You just have to make sure that you save enough money to pay or could lose your home for non payment of the annual assessment. My only suggestion is that you shouldn't put the money down unless you can either afford to live without it or if you are not sure that is exactly the place where you want to live.


I admitted my spelling/grammar was horrible. I did not have time to double check my review, as I was in the car with my 3 kids and don't have much time during the day to write these.

Yes, that was my mistake. However, I do not think that should disqualify my opinion. I do not work for LGI or even in the realty field. Not that I should have to justify to your nor anyone else, but I am an assistant project coordinator for a salvage and marine firefighting company.

I am in no way affiliated with LGI. So just because my opinion was different than yours, it's not valid? I thought these forums were to show the true colors of a company. If I see something that I find to be untrue, I am going to comment on it.

I don't want someone to pass up a pleasant opportunity just because some other people had horrible, uninformed agents. I'm not saying that all of the offices are perfect, either. My point is that people need to do their research, make sure they at least take a look and if anything smells fishy or makes you feel uncomfortable...leave! The fact is, I dealt with the Mallard Crossing/Hockley, TX agents and all were very well informed and helpful.

While it was very unfortunate the experiences others had, I just wanted to point out all of my good points. I didn't have to pay any closing costs. I did not have to pay a down payment. I did pay earnest money, but that went to fixing my husband's credit.

I got the check back the minute we signed at the office with the title company. When we finished signing, we had keys with no money out of our pocket.

We used all of our money that would have went to a down payment for upgrades and things we needed for being new homeowners. I am now very happy in my house and internet trolls cannot take that away.


By the way, please excuse my HORRIBLE spelling and improper grammar from my previous post. I wrote it VERY quickly, in the car (as a passenger) on a short distance trip.

I went back to read it and was horrified at some of the sentence structure mistakes and misused words. When I said "right LGI a check," I meant to say "Write LGI a check." I do know the difference.

=) Plus many more errors. Again, very sorry!


im going to this location saturday... can you answer some questions for me please???? I need t figure out what im going to do, seeing how this'll be my first purchase, and im reading 50% bad and 50% good on this company. Im currently speaking w/ a rep for the mallard Crossing/ Hockley Tx area, and she's very nice, but im kinda skeptical. With that being said im also the type of person to wanna hear both sides of the story....

please respond.... u or anyone else... about this...

e mail is dee williams 2010 edu at gmail . com. (Its spaced out like that cause i know some sites block them off, LOL)

thanks a bunch!

deedee :grin


I have to agree with you, Quarterhorse. They are full of ***.

And when you catch them in their lies/mess, they stop answering your phone calls. If you email them about something they know was not right, they do not respond back by email but will call because they don't want to leave a paper trail of their lies/mess. As for you, Jessica-first off, you need to go back to grammer/english school. Just because you had a some what pleasant experience, doesn't mean the other person who makes comments are lying.

You are probably affiliated with LGI anyway and just posting something to make them look good. You guys are all jokes.


:cry I feel sorry for you :sigh as you fave been make a fool of, gee they had you set up withthe morgage company when came to closing, they did what they call flip you morgage co. and payed more money for it.

gee why did you come to this site before you sygn. at closing. O there more thing the now are going by the new name. gee i sorry that you bought what the VA govement loan call a paper house, the longer you live here the house will come down around your ears.

it new name is THE SOURSE.



Wow, that's a terrible situation, but I have to argue a few points. As I just closed in December 2011, I can at least say that some of that wasn't true for us. The first lie you mentioned was the 0 down payment. We received a 0 down payment and LGI paid all of our closing costs. We went through Ameripro as well. It's the USDA who is the one offering this loan (really, it's loan insurance) and they are the ones who ultimately decide if you're approved or not. The closing costs however, are paid by LGI. The second lie, that you mentioned is that you will pay less than renting, that was is kind of be true, but there are some things to consider. In Houston, we were paying 1045 for rent on a 3 bedroom apartment. Now we are paying about 200 more, but we're also in a 2 story, 5 bedroom house, so it was to be expected. We had to pay trash and water before, but we didn't have to pay for gas (as everything was electric) and now we do. We are also now paying more for home owners insurance than we paid for renters insurance. It was an necessary evil though because I have 3 kids and a mother in law living with us, so I had to make sure that we had enough room for everyone. Next, you said that you don't get the 500 back. You get the money back at closing. If you never close though, you never get it back. Our sales woman said we could right LGI a check for $500 just to put on file and then over the weekend, we could get a money order for Ameripro, since they didn't take checks. They then gave us our original check back and they enrolled my husband (since I was not going to be on the loan) in the credit repair program. He had credit issues stemming back from college and his first marriage. They were able to bring his credit up in 2 months to the required USDA credit number and even about 30 points more. Then when we closed, they gave us our keys AND a check for $500. (We ended up using the $500 for blinds, as they only give you the front ones) They never once asked us to move our money around. The only thing they asked us to do was pay down our debt to less than 30% of the balance to help with the credit repair and scores. We had plenty of money in the bank and when we decided to buy a house, we were going to use that as a down payment. We took a leap of faith when we decided to use LGI and pay down our debt when the money could have been used for a down payment. When it comes to the closing date, they gave us the estimated date of the 22nd of December. They warned us it may take longer due to it being the government and it was near the holidays. Our Ameripro agent also warned us in advance that since my husband was near the top of the income requirements, there might be a small chance that we wouldn't qualify for the USDA "loan." We got a call on December 14th that we were approved and we could come in on the 16th and sign. So that's exactly what we did. Also, our loan amount was only 2,000 more than the value and when we looked into it, the house was not sold for more than what it was valued at.

However, you're correct about the whole suing part. When we signed, the title company went over that with our signature, we cannot bring a lawsuit against them.

Overall, I'm sorry that you had a bad experience, but I just wanted to put it out there that not all experiences are like that. My husband and I had a very easy and pleasant experience and they made it VERY easy for us since it was our first home and we were still unsure how the process worked. I'm extremely glad that I decided to check out the mailer and now I have my very own newly built house!!