Bellevue, Washington
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LGI homes don't keep to their word! Waste of time, effort and money! All the documents they requested for we produced on time that we were told we would move in by march 20 2014. Only for a week till then the bank is delaying, lgi homes staff is giving us some stories that we would close soon...we extended our lease because as of match 20, the bank are not prompt with mail and lgi homes are recycling their answer to us, saying one more day or two more days and yet we PROVIDED EVERY SINGLE REQUIREMENT!

AS I'm typing this, our lease extension is over, we had to move to another rented apartment for a year and yet! They are saying they won't refund out $500!

Am shocked and confused.

If you want to get a house with them give yourself a year time frame, if not you would be stranded with no body communicating with you'

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Sounds like an issue with you and the bank, not LGI. What you stated to mention in your rant was why the bank was delaying the approval of your loan.

2 sides to every story and it seems that you may have left out some key details in yours and decided to blame LGI.

Could it be a credit issue? LGI sell's homes, they don't finance them....If the bank delays closing (Happens all the time) or they don't fund the loan.....There is good reason for it.