Dallas, Texas

I bought a house from LGI homes and their salesman totally lied to me. We were overcharged for a house that is literally falling apart.

Nothing works correctly in this house and everyone in the neighborhood is ready to move out. I can't believe we did not do more research but they make it so *** easy to get screwed. I am fed up but nobody wants to make the effort to get a lawyer. The only people posting anything good about these homes are people that work for them.

Ask for their contact information and get the real scoop. DO NOT BUY AN LGI HOME NO MATTER WHAT

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bought a home with Lgi about a year ago,it falling down around my ear,The whole place is coming apart,and I am going to get a attorney, the salesperson also lied all We are going to try for a class action on all the home out here.Most of the home are build,are substandard, if a harricane was to hit Creekside villiage, not many will get out a live. :cry Am so sorry that they have sucker so many to buy and they take the people need a home the most, little down payment or no down, but in the end you pay over $1000.00 a moth or more, If you read this , please do not buy a home from LGI :cry big time :?

@Old Man

I want to join you. I have robbed 1000.00 dollars


Sorry, I meant to say I have been robbed of 1000.00 because I opted out of a contract.


I was interested in calling LGI to set an appt. But after reading all of these complaints.

I think not tks everyone for ur thought.. :eek


You could still call them and learn how they have scammed people.

This will help you make a decision on which way you want to go.


I would be real interested in knowing what type of problems you guys are having Me and My Wife are on the fence about this choice.thnx


omg soo y'all saying that this LGH is not a good bulider. to buy from cuz i fed up with living in annd apt. and they keep sening me flyers ....i dont see any homes on there that they built only landscape and pools area.....so i shouldnt buy in to this.....what's the big problem yall having


I think that everyone should get a lawyer. It's not fair to pay for a house that you were lied to about.


If you want tget a lawyer then lets get one. I am like you fed up with everybody complaining but to scared to do anything about. I would have gotten a lawyer along time ago but more people that you have with problems the easier it is to show how much off a rip off LGI is.


We just need a forum so we can start the process.