My wife and I moved into LGI's Creekside Village Neighborhood in October of 2006. We were able to enter into our very first home with absolutely zero money out of our pocket which is amazing. We thought that there was some catch, but our sales rep did give us all of the information upfront and we could not be more happy!

The service to us is outstanding we have only had to file one warranty claim and literally withing 90 seconds of sending the form online the customer service rep called us! We were extremely pleased that after living there 11 months, the builder comes back in and made the inside of our home look brand new again, in my mind that is above and beyond.

Our child has made several great friends in the park (she never wants to leave), *LGI's parks are better than most communities twice the price range. My wife and I love taking walks along the trails that wind around the fishing pond because it is so relaxing.

The quality of construction is outstanding. Everything from the foundation to having all walls 16" on center just means that the house will be more structurally sound. The hardware on the doors is much higher quality than anything we saw during our 5 month search for a home. They spend the money on the things that really matter like the ac system and energy star rated appliances. I would never want to finance things like fancy light fixtures for 30 years. You can buy all that fancy stuff at Lowes or Home Depot and not pay interest on it.

I have friends that live in the other neighborhoods that we considered (Forest Village and Legends Run) and they are always at our community because our park is so great and our neighbors seem to be much more proud to be in Creekside Village where in this price range we got an awful lot for our money. The taxes are the lowest I have ever seen in this area. Our lot is much bigger than most subdivisions around and it is so nice getting follow up calls every once in a while from our contact there who remembers my kids name and proves how much they care about our family.

My wife and I wish that we would have found LGI Homes sooner so that we could have realized our American Dream before we did. Almost 2 years in the neighborhood and we still thank God and ourselves for making such a positive change!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes Customer Care.

Location: The Woodlands, Texas

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$1510 for HOA dues? You're joking right? I'm about to move into Chisholm Springs and it's only $400 a year.


For the person living in Sterling Lakes who does not like the LGI area of the division: You are in one of the 300k (or more) homes I am assuming and your nose in the air. Your spouse makes all the money your nose is up about so you stay home and complain middle class is coming to your neighborhood.

I am looking at one of the larger floor plans on the "poor" side, actually qualify for a home on your side, based on salary and debt and a 780 credit rating. My problem is my equity is tied up in two rentals I own out of state and the financing LGI allows gets me into a home without selling one of my other homes in a down real estate market. I am excited about getting a home while still keeping my equity in my former residence and one rental house I own. Not everyone on the other side of the neighborhood is low class.

I am six figure income and glad I am not on the stuck-up side of the neighborhood. By the way, our HOA is $850. LOL I paid $2500 in Pearland and more than that up North. You aren't so swank.

Make trouble on my side...

two great attorneys at my corporate disposal and ready to play. VP J


Don't buy a home from LGI in Sterling Lakes. We live in the neighborhood and watched these homes as they were built.

VERY POOR QUALITY!! The 2 story home doesn't even have a restroom on the first floor! No window in the kitchen. In the units with a window (and I call them units, because they are not big enough to be a home), the A/c unit is in the view of the window, why not put it on the side of the house like all the other builders did???

You can get much more for your dollars if you buy from any of the other builders, and a better deal. The quality of LGI does not compare or come close to the other builders. These homes will fall apart in a very short time. I can promise you, we have a VERY STRICK POA and these repairs will have to be made ASAP.

Has LGI explained to you the Yearly HOA dues are $1,510.00? LGI is the big talk of the neighborhood, WE WANT THEM OUT!! or build a better built and better looking home. These homes look like Government Funding Houses.

These are ALL my opinions. Please checkout LGI very good, don't believe me, compare LGI to any of the other builders, you will be able to see the difference for yourself. Buying a new home should be a wonderful and exciting experience, and I find it hard to believe that you will get this with a LGI home. I have nothing to gain by steering you away.

We want our neighborhood to grow, but with quality home builders. Lower priced homes can be built and purchased with Integrity in the building process. These homes might look like an affordable answer to becoming a home owner, but I feel you will be paying a higher price later down the road. When you are ready to sell and move on, you will not be able to get rid of these homes.

This is the reason the members of Sterling Lakes are upset. We feel that Canyon Gates sold our neighborhood down the river to any builder willing to pay for the lots....



LGI Homes are no worse or better than comparable builders. If you are looking for a home w/ all the bells and whistles, this is definitely not the type of home to buy.

LGI Homes are practicle, come with Energy star Appliances and evidently the Insulation is excellent. I was told this by my AT&T U-Verse installer as he went up in the Attic, etc. I do know that my utility bill is way less than what I paid when I lived in an Apartment. I did my home work before buying my home so I feel that I got a good interest rate and my monthly payments are manageable and not much than what I would have been paying in an apartment.

My salesperson was knowledgeble and upfront and answered all my questions. I only wish I had gotten a home sooner.

The only complaint I have is that the area where I live was left with a lot of rocky soil (pretty big rocks in some areas) so if you are planting you will eventually hit a large rock and that is some work to remove. I also am not impressed with the homeowner's association (HOA) chosen for my community, This HOA seems to be a bit useless and I fear that over time with current HOA lethargy in enforcement of bylaws/rules/etc that this could impact the community in the future as it ages.


I blame no one but myself for not doing research & educating myself before buying at Canyon Crossing. I paid too much for little house and my mortgage payment is more than paycheck, that is due to my poor credit.

Also, true that house is falling apart due to poor craftsmanship. And the park, full of kids that talk bad language. So single moms before you get too excited about qualifying for a home, do your research.

Take a home buyers class, you'll be glad you did. Wish I had.


Please, I've been living in LGI Homes for 2 years now and I ready to get out. Their homes at Canyon Crossing are falling apart and they charge to much to buy a house.

Don't be fooled people.

Do your Homework before, ask for the CMA of each year. There are other buliders that are better than they are.


What he said pretty much sums up the way I have felt since I moved in last September 2007.

We are so proud of our home and to live in such a nice place. We feel bad for the folks that pay more taxes to live in a subdivision without a nice park and especially we love how all of our neighbors are so great!

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