Atlanta, Georgia
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Let's see were do I start for about 6 months I went through *** trying to buy a home from these people let me sumitup with some short words of poor customer service lying Rude . OK so after going in and talking to the sales person and being told all the good stuff I was quickly will wood into putting down the $500 earnest money After doing so I signed some form of pre-agreement with them and was told that I was prequalified only for them to tell me I should get my credit score up a little bit because I didn't qualify so the sales rep told me what I should do to get it up I applied for New credit card made the payments pay down some debt got my credits got score up above what they asked me to after doing all that given a closing date I was told by the loan company I need to provide them with 2015 tax papers before i could go any further after given them all the paperwork's that they asked for the yet again come back and say you're not qualified because you don't make enough money now reminds you I had to make enough money to prequalify so I started to get upset and I wanted to know why exactly I was prequalified making that same money but now I make too little money Now first off as soon as you don't qualify they take the for sale sign off that house and sell it to someone else before you can do anything when I tried to contact the loan officer several days of calling nothing happened I spoke to the sales rep he keeps pointing fingers at the loan officer finally I got fed up and went to the office when I went to the office I was told by the manager he would take care of it loan officer should come in at 11 o'clock it became 2 o'clock and no one called me so I decided to call them I then had the opportunity to speak with the loan officer only for him to Yellit me and speak to me in a manner that no customer deserves to be spoken to he also hung up the phone on me after going back up to the office and complaining to the manager no one at this point has apologize for me wasting six months of my providing all the information they ask for and doing all what they asked for only to be *** on in the end do not I repeat do not buy a house from these people they are horrible .

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I hear the homes built in Dallas, GA by LGI are so bad that children are actually protesting the builder. The builder called the police to these children, but the children had every right to protest.


Sounds to me they did everything they could to get you into a home! In the end you couldn't qualify. A pre-qualification is not a pre-approval.