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For first time homeowners...we were so excited to get into our first home with a 2 year old and pets it was a dream come true...we purchased our home december 2015..a few months in with a few good showers showed the conditon of our our back yard...the people they have grading the homes ruined our yard. We have standing water 24/7 due to neighbors watering their grass...does that make any sense??

Were 6 months in now and have been going back and forth with our builder bc they keep putting us on the back burner because we already signed and they need to put up these house by a certain time. I DID NOT purchase a 2 story home to not utilise my yard. My 2 yr old has yet to step foot in the back as well as us bathing my dogs daily because they go outside to a mudd pit. LGI has been awful to deal with as far as this issue...the warranty guy has now started to ignore us and lie when we do speak to him.

They are a *** disappointment and fail miserably. They just care for the money. Theyve done some things to our yard but have made it worse by doing half the job and providing only few materials. Spending even 3x as much money when they can fix it in one shot.

We are not the only ones in our neighborhood either with drainage issues...BUYERS BEWARE. pay close attention to every single aspect of the home. Dont fall for all the bs they give you when closing or trying to sell.

Its been 6 months of disappointment. Owning a first home should be the best feeling in the entire world however this has been far from that...

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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That just turned me off completly thank you so much for your input.I have heard alot of peoples complaints,and I am all set with Lgi homes.THANK YOU .BILL.


I've lived in Buda for 26 years and I saw issues like this when *** developers started building the postage stamp neighborhoods about 10 years ago.

Hays county has large swaths of land in the flood plain, and even larger swaths of land while not technically in a flood plain, is prone to significant flooding due to the layout of the terrain.

Developers don't really care to spend the money on researching the land and just want to get up houses as quickly as possible to turn a quick profit. Those houses they built 10 years ago are proof of that as most of them have moderate to severe problems with the roof, exterior walls and the foundations (the black prairie clay is murderous on concrete, especially during that 4-5 year drought.)

The only real fix to keep your backyard drained (assuming you don't have a septic system) is to put a grade on the yard and put in some french drains. Alternatively you could pay your neighbors back by digging a small pond and have a pump in it with a spray hose to shoot over the fence at the offending neighbor, it could be made automatic with a few toilet parts and a relay.


The yard and anything else should have been brought up in the home inspection. The home must pass inspection for sale to go through