Little Rock, Arkansas

I am a very unpleased customer at the moment. The whole process to buy this home has been terrible

And now that I'm moved in the customers service is still horrible. Lgi homes motto "we will sell

You a house but if you need help figure it out ur *** self!" Its a beautiful home n I'm happy w it

But not any of the help I have recieved . Nobody ever returns your phone calls....the company as

A whole has very very poor customer service skills. I was given a paper with a customer service number

On it....oh but when I talked to someone...imagine that "we don't have customer service besides submiting

A warrenty claim through our website."

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So if it was bad before you bought, what made you think they were going to change after you bought?? Youre making yourself look like a dummy. You must've been desperate to move in for free.


Very Good info.. Very Much so needed Im taking notes as I read thnx