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I submitted the 500$ earnest money deposit to LGI homes without looking at any other builders. A few days later, I found a different builder that offered a larger house with energy efficient features, that was priced lower than the house I was interested at LGI.

I was shocked at the difference in quality between builders, and mad at myself for not doing more comparison shopping of builders before choosing LGI.

I was told by the sales agent Sara at LGI to come down to the office and sign a cancellation form in order to receive the 500$ deposit back. Once at the sales office, I was told by Sara that I was not going to receive my 500$ earnest deposit back, and that it was used to fix my credit score. I was never informed that LGI paid any money to fix my score. This was news to me, as I had paid off some credit card balances on my own to raise my score the few points needed to qualify.

I wasn't aware that LGI was able to "pay" to have a credit score changed. I was made to believe that I would receive my deposit back if I chose not to purchase an LGI home.

Anyway, I never received my 500$ deposit back, but am so glad not to have bought the house from LGI in San Tan Valley AZ.

The construction of the houses and even the outside appearance was cheap looking compared to the house I have purchased. Not to mention the sales people at LGI are high pressure and very dishonest.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes House Construction.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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What builder you go through and how much you have to put down as well what was your score


LGI probably used credit restoration, and without a doubt this customer knew about it. They did that with me, put my 500$ earnest money deposit towards fixing my credit (disputing old collections to have them removed) and it worked!

I qualified and have lived in an LGI home for 2 years and have had NO issues and love my new home. Also, Sara was my sales consultant as well.


They did not use credit restoration. I was not in need of it and qualified with other lenders just fine.

I found a nicer home by a better builder and decided not to buy from LGI. I still live in the same home I purchased three years ago. I consider the 500$ LGI stole from me worth it because their houses were cheap and poorly constructed compared to the home I decided to purchase instead of an LGI home. The neighborhood even looks run down three years later compared to where I decided to purchase.

Just a warning to any consumer you will not get your 500$ deposit back if you decide to not purchase from LGI. They will steal it and give you any excuse to justify.


I got my deposit back.


I, also got my deposit back. After going through the lending process with imortgage I did not qualify, as my dti (debt to income ratio) was too high.

Also, qualifications are federal and do not vary from one lender to the next. INCENTIVES may change, but regulations do not.

I had a GREAT experience with LGI even though I did not qualify. Their homes are beautiful but even more the customer service is next to none.


You must work for LGI lol.


Haha I wish I did :P


Yes Tara I am from Arizona. This happened at the San Tan Heights community in San Tan Valley.


we are looking into the homes in the glenwilde...i am having second thoughts now? is this actually a legit business..could we really own a home?

we dont want to be scammed but it seems like thats the way its headed.

We havent put any money down. thanks let me know if your from arizona?


Shiver me timbers, them's some great ifnormtaion.