Fort Worth, Texas
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I needed to buy a home quick because my house is sold and I keep getting outbid in the used market. I was looking around and found lgi. They were the only place open on Sunday and I wanted to take a look.

Many have said the pitch was like being sold a timeshare. I completely agree. I had to keep from laughing out loud when we went around the office and looked at the posters on the wall that talked about how great they were. I finally said, can we just skip to seeing the homes? No.

So, he drove us to a tiny park that resembled a toddlers playground with about a half acre of space. I did laugh out loud when he asked me, so what do you think? What would you do with this area. Lol, I won't be going down the slide! i said. Then we drove to the community pool, and it was the most pathetic thing I had ever seen. Again he asked what do you think? Uhh, it's only 3ft deep and about 20ft long.. it was smaller than a small pool in someone's back yard.

The houses.

I wanted more than 2000sqft which meant I was looking at 2 models. Driftwood and cypress. 236,900 for the one I liked was the most expensive home in the neighborhood. Let me tell you, for that kind of money you should get sod in the back yard, sprinkler system, and a garage door opener! Besides that everything was cheap, from the faucets to the light fixtures and the carpet.

The sales rep told me "lgi was the best performing stock on the market last year"

It's no wonder, they cut corners on everything and charge a premium for their product. They have a good gimmick with the 1k down to get in. But trust me it's not worth it.

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