Humble, Texas
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My Husband and I were looking into buying our fist home. We've been working on our credit and got it up in good standing over the last few years.

They wouldn't let us see a home until they ran our credit. They ran our credit and gave us the green light for any home we wanted, my Husband is a contract work and makes more then enough. We get to pick out our home, place the for sale sign in the yard and over the next few weeks watch as it's being built. When we go in to sign all the papers, the loan officer basically laughs us out of her office saying "no way would they ever give a contract worker a loan and to find a 'real' job if we ever wanted to own our own home" I was crushed.

After all they made us go through, giving us a pre approval even when they knew all along about his working situation. Even when we went back in to pick up our down payment check they guy told my husband that he needed to find a real job... Don't buy from them.

Don't even go into look. They will just disappoint you.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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that's AWFUL


Reading the reviews I will pass on LGI.


Thanks for sharing. There is NO WAY I will pay or let anyone check my credit unless I know I am interested in the home.

Aftering reading the comments, I will definitely pass on LGI homes.

Thank you,


Wow, Me and my husband are looking for homes we saw their flyer thought to look into it online...I am glad I read the reviews...But I feel for you what they did to you both is horrible and extremely unprofessional. I worked as a leasing agent and assistant manager in several apartments properties and we constantly run peoples credit but not ever in my life have we ever say something like that, in fact that would get us in so much trouble we would have been fired.

If I were you I would complain to their corporate office and tell them what happened.

I am surprised they hire those type of people they should never let them run peoples credit. That loser guy should have not ran your credit in the first place if he knew about your job situation.