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I purchased a brand new lgi home in the Villages at Bridgewater. Lakeland Florida. My dreams of owning a brand new home were rapidly turning into a nightmare. Initially things were great. Very friendly staff, we thought we were purchasing a quality home with a company who stands behind their product. It was not long before we found that not to be the case.

Our HVAC system had to be repaired 3 times in the first 3 months. Most of our neighbors had similar issues. We were told they have known issues with the units and yet they still use them.

Most of the tile had hairline cracks. It took almost 6 months and numerous calls to the VP of construction to get them to agree there was a problem. 8 months into owning the home the tile was finally replaced. Problem is it was the worse tile job I have ever seen. 6 weeks later they find ally agreed to do it over again. From there it was our worse nightmare. This time around the tile job was even worse then ever. And with each time they really tiled they left my home filthy and did not even offer to Clean it. They left mortar and grout on front and side lawns. House completely covered in dust, carpets stained and Laminate floors scratched and ruined.

Our granite counter tops are crooked and gaps on side of stove is off by over 1/4 inch from front to back and we were told that was normal. Dishwasher was crooked, cabinets scratched and finish coming off. Brand new appliances scratched. Door know on closet doors 6 inches to low. Took 4 months to get them to agree to fix that problem after telling me it was normal to be that way.

Hole in bedroom door for door closers, took close to month to get new door.

Once we closed, we never had the 30 day walk thru we were promised. We put work orders in and they were deleted without anything being fixed. They made appointments to come make repairs and never showed up and never called.

Water floods between the houses and does not drain, was told that would be addressed and corrected. 6 months later nothing done until we once again had to call VP of construction. Almost a year later they did half *** fix by adding more sod. Did not solve the problem but by now our 1 year warranty is up and we are screwed.

The project manager was super friendly when we first bought the home, but as soo as we found issues he totally ignored us and never acknowledged any of our Concerns. The Office manager wanted nothing to do with us once we closed. Their are numerous new home buyers in here with the very same complain st about horrible to non existent customer service after closing.

We were suppose to have a 1 year walk thru inspection, that never happen even though it was promised when we were looming to buy.

I just paid over 600 dollars today to have our HVAC serviced for the 4 the time and it has only been 4 hours and it is not working group again. We are only 2 months past our 1 year anniversary of purchasing our brand new home, and it was the worse experience of my life. I work very hard for my money and 180,000 is a lot of money. So I thought I was buying a quality home from a company that stood behind their homes . That is not at all what LGI does. My problem is not as much we had numerous things wrong guy with the brand new home. It was more with how LGI did not seem to care one bit about lifting a finger to make it right. I should never have had to take it so far to call the VP of construction and threaten to call the CEO Eric Lipar before they were willing to do anything to fix the problem.

LGI, if you read this you need to seriously improve your customer service after closing and improve your quality control when building. If you had simply been willing to take care of the issues from the start without me having to call the VP , I would have had nothing but good reviews for you. I don't judge you harshly because we had problems. I judge you harshly because you did little to nothing to try and make it right.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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