Sugar Land, Texas
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have had major issues with LGI since the day we moved in. 1st we thought we were getting a backyard, come to find out all we got was a mudpit and trash from constructing the house and it took us telling them 4 times to come get it cleaned up.

Our VA appraiser said he would not sign off on the house until there was sod in the backyard and they then went over his head for approval just so they could get there money. This company certainly doesn't care about veterans or the wishes of a VA appraiser. 3 days into living here we had major plumbing issues that took them coming out 3 tImes to fix and come to find out had a 3 inch rock in our pipes. Wow great job constructing the plumbing.

We hadn't lived in the house for seven months before or carpet in the living room started ripping apart at the seam. We submit a warranty claim and they send someone out. He was here for like 2 minutes and left stating that someone else will have to come look at it. So then a week later a bunch of guys that hardly speak any English come out and look at it and try to feed us a load of ***, telling my wife that it's tearing because of pet stains underneath the carpet underneath a couch that has been sitting here since the day we moved in.

I have a 7 year old fully trained golden retriever that has never gone to the bathroom In the house. So the so called " carpet professionals " they sent out told us all the carpet in the living room would need to be replaced. What's funny is the stains they saw when they pulled up the carpet was only on the padding but there were no stains on the carpet which tells me those stains were on the padding when they laid the carpet which shows the shotty work they do. They weren't goin to do anything about it and I called the construction manager to come look at it and he said there is nothing he could do because carpet isn't covered under warranty because carpet is going to get worn and tore up after time.

True but carpet doesn't start ripping at the seam all across my living room in 7 months due to normal wear and tear Im not *** and it's certainly not going to do that because of pet stains especially when there are none. I called there corporate office and the vp of construction chuck came out who really showed no care about our problems. He stated "I'm no expert when it come to carpet but I don't think the whole living room needs replacing" so your no expert but the so called "carpet professionals " you'll sent out who are the experts said it does. Sounds to me like you just don't want to pay the money to get a problem fixed because they did a bad job installing our carpet.

We also showed him how the baseboards around the walls are all crooked and warped and look terrible. Almost all our doorframes are crooked and look terrible but he showed no care to fix those. These LGI homes are very poorly constructed and anyone on my block will tell you that. They aren't going to do anything about the doors and the construction manager told me that they were coming out to check out the baseboards the next day.

Well 3 weeks later and still nothing. All they did for the carpet is 2 big patches so now my living room carpet looks all patchy and very unprofessional.

I will never buy any home from lgi again and don't advise anyone else to either. Poorly constructed homes and if something goes wrong they show no care to fix any problems.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lgi Homes House Construction.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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