Atlanta, Georgia

Im not saying I'm pissed. However, my feelings hurt soo bad I'm up crying.

To make a long story short ,I'm a single mom with 2 kids and I work very hard. I pay over 1000.00 a month in rent so I get another flyer and decided to make the call to lgi. Went it . Pulled my credit.

Not too bad. A few extra points needed. Gave me helpful info to get so called approved. Applied for credit card recommended with immediate fees and also 500.00 earnest money.

My kids chose their rooms. My daughter took pictures with the sold sign in yard just so happy. First approval ever. After all this debt ratio is issue even with 3% guarantee.

Get this news end of November when closing date set for Dec 15.

Just before Christmas. Sooo hurt.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Dark people are the target market - you probably don't deserve to own a home anyway.


Who the *** are you to say some dumb *** like that? White people are the target of being idiots. Wish I could slap your ***.


Left me tell you something you racist piece of ***. There are alot of black home owner and business owners.

You need to speak on something you know.

You probably don't even owner your own home or business and you probably work for A dark people. Shut the *** up before you get you butt whooped.


People like you make dark people hate white people, you are a awful person you will reap what you sow.


Piece of *** you sound dumb on that last part. As far as us black people being the target I agree.

Why else will they keep sending those bait and switch flyers to low income areas knowing that A 200k *** cheaply made house that would need another 30k+ in repairs is not affordable but yet they target certain groups get you approved and you paying 1000+ monthly for a TOWNHOUSE not a HOUSE BUT A TOWNHOUSE get tf out of here idgaf if it’s brand new or not. Definitely not worth the money for something so small and the areas some of them are in whew Chile *** no. Be smart fix your credit do fha loans there are plenty options out here. The point of being a home owner with a mortgage is to cut cost of renting if that makes sense.

Say you wanted to rent out your place.

Just to see any real profit you got to charge almost 2000$ and who really going to pay that for these busted homes. A lot of people rush out to get this just to say they homeowners but be smart the market and economy are constantly charging in a few years if you wanted to sale I doubt if you can even get close to 90k for these homes.