Gainesville, Georgia
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I'm very upset at the loan process and how long this has taken. We started 3 months ago looking for a home.

We found this subdivision and like the Lgi homes. After the man showed us the floor plans my husband and me decided to see if we would qualify. We got a pre-approval we picked out a home and waited. Only to be told we didn't qualify for that one.

So we pick a home that was within our price range. We waited again. Them we was told we had to pay some things off before we could close. Me and my husband went to family to borrow the money to pay the bills off.

And we waited. About 2 weeks later there was an appraisal order for the home. Then a week later we was told that the lender which is also through them. Needed more proff of income before we could close.

So we did. another week or so went by and they called and said we had to use another company and there shouldn't be any worries. We would still close. Now 2 weeks later we get a call saying they couldn't do the loan.

But that if we got a credit card to raise our credit score 10 points we could get it??? We waited 3 mths and went by and looked in our home telling and showing family and friends our new home. Or what we was told was our home for nothing.

I wouldn't recommend this company to anyone. We asked for our earnest money back and going else where!!!!!!!!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I just experience that same thing with them only it took me 6 months to hear that I'm not qualify because of my income after signing all the loan agreements and everything else these people are the worst.


So glad I read your review. We went by there today but wanted to read dome reviews before moving forward with them.


The same thing happen to us with LGI Homes and then they ran our credit like ten times and ruined our credit score. Recommendation: NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY.