Johns Creek, Georgia

Wish i had enough space to say what i saw woth this company...

This guy spent over an hr telling us a bunch of *** sells pitch, we asked 4 times to see model home eact time he looked at me and continued his taught sells pitch. How many times have you gone to a new home location or to see home to purchase for that matter and not be able to see it.

RED FLAG. Our guy told us 4.5 interest next table guy told other people 3.5, offer only good for today. Drive around community and look at your neighbors. No good mortage company will finance you with only 500.00 down.

They probably own the mortgage co. RED FLAG RED FLAG RED FLAG.

O by the way they have no model, why cause the only homes they have are the ones the the poor folkes belive they just bought their dream home are building. run run run.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes and Yes. I went to the "model" home this weekend. Upon entering it notice it wasn't a model home at all. I was seated and told to complete this form while I wait. Also, I overheard the gentlemen at the next table tell the young lady "No" when asked to see the model. I shook my head and she noticed. She leaned over and asked me what happened? I said, "Why would you let them check your credit and you haven't seen a model, a floor plan, a price sheet or anything.

When the gentlemen came back to my table the exchange went like this:

Me: "What's this?" Of course, I knew what it was. I can read.

Guy: "A pre-qualification sheet. When need to know if you can buy."

Me:"I can buy. I'm already working with a lender."

Guy:"Who?' Me: "Navy Federal." Guy:"Navy Federal?" Me: "Yes." Guy: "Did they give you a pre-qualifying letter?" Me: "No. I'm not pre-qualified. I'm pre-approved for 219." Guy: "The using give you a letter." Me: "Well, they didn't give me a letter, but that doesn't mean I don't have access to it." Guy: "Navy Federal is not going to pay your closing cost." At this point, I'm growing frustrated at the exchange. Me: "You don't know what Navy Federal is going to pay or if that's a problem for me. Who told you I couldn't pay my own closing cost? Who are your approved lenders?" Guy: "We have approved lenders?" Me: "Great. Most builders do. Who do you use?" Guy: "Are you okay?' Me: "I'm fine. I'm just trying to figure out why you are having trouble sharing basic information, yet you want me to share with you my social, where I live, how long I've lived there, my income, etc. How does that work?" Guy: "We just have to see if you can buy." Me: "I just told you that was pre-approved with Navy Federal." I got up and I walked over the lady at the other table. I don't even know if I said excuse me. I was highly pissed at this point. I told her that she should not let them check her credit before viewing a home. The home buying process is about the buyer not the *** sales person. I'm like, "What if you don't like the house? Wasted inquiry. He just said he only had one house left. Talking about wasting HIS time showing a house that you might not be able to buy. What about wasting YOUR time viewing a house that's trash? I told her if she had any questions I would be outside in the white BMW. I told her that this will be my 2nd home and this set up is NOT the norm. They may be able to get over on poor unknowing people, but fortunately I'm not one of those people. These can't be priced more than $170's and that's being generous. Upon leaving, the guy that greeted me said, "Good luck." To which I replied, "Don't need it."


Hello, Mr Anonymous II

Just wondering...what community did you go visit?

It would be useful to know.

I am house shopping.


Yep you got it