Lady Lake, Florida
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Bad customer service, they sell you a home with many deffects and dont fix it, once your in a home they forget anything and everything about you ...its horrible

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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My husband and I were in the market to purchase a home and was told about LGI getting people with less than perfect credit. Long story short, we went out, met with sales man, was told pre-qualified, just needed proof credits cards were paid off.

Gave earnest money, they cashed it, and was told we didn't qualify due to some pass issues. I told them, never mind and I wanted a refund...informed them, that I wasn't going to play cat and mouse game with them, if I didn't get my $500 refund, they would be hearing from my attorney. Needless to say, was called and told come pick up check.

Although I got my money back, others didn't and they are not upfront. In order to even see a house, you have to pay the "earnest fee" or have your credit ran...


I've been to one of their neighborhoods and I definitely didn't have to and wouldn't pay a fee to see a home. I am also a realtor and I, like most realtors, will require my buyers to meet with a loan office to get pre-approved before I showed them houses. Why would I waste my time showing them homes they cannot get a loan for?