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Another thing I need to add is the AC unit will not cool our house down below 75. And if we are cooking or using the dryer you can forget it.

The A/C will run all day long. We keep the blinds pulled and the lights off to help. We were told at the walk through of the house that the A/C unit would cool the house to 70 and that's never happened.

The A/C company laughed at us when we told them what LGI told us. We questioned LGI in the beginning about the A/C unit because it seemed to small for the house taking into account that we live in Texas.

Original review posted by user Aug 29, 2015

We purchased our home February 2014 and today we have a driveway and sidewalk that were poured incorrectly and is literally falling apart. Very expensive repair!!

The flooring in the house is the cheapest I have ever seen along with the cabinets. There was nothing used in this house that was probably not purchased by the truck loads. I think next year we are looking at having to replace the carpet because it will not last and we

have no children so it's not like we are hard on it. Its cheap!

The house is just CHEAP and overpriced! This house is one of the biggest mistakes we have ever made.

Our salesman was uneducated and unprofessional. As I write this I am feeling pretty *** for getting sucked into this house

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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We've owned our home in Luckey Ranch for almost 3 years. The sales people are not real estate agents, they're just sales people.

One is just a guy who bought a house out here and asked for a job. He told us, his neighbors, that he has no experience and is learning as he goes. They know nothing about homeowner exemptions, VA disability numbers, etc., they just make up things to keep you interested. They either don't know the HOA deed restrictions or just outright lie about them to get people to buy.

That's probably the most common frustration, even from people who are completely happy with their house--learning that they can't do things with their homes after they were promised by LGI that they could. Their warranty people will do the scheduled checks of your house, but YOU need to get the checklist and do it before they arrive. Otherwise they'll only do obvious and simple fixes. We are completely happy with our house, but we've maintained it very well and done some upgrades.

We have neighbors who didn't sod their yards or maintain their fences and after a year their boards are rotting and their yards are flooding. Just like a car, you have to do your part or things start to fall apart.


Me too. Scheduled appt for Saturday but there r soooo many negative reviews will stay in my little apt and keep walking my dogs


Keep wasting money on rent killer!


If buy one of those cheap-*** houses you're going to really waste your money.


I will now steer away from this company. Thanks for reviews.


Im thinking the same